apple products, considering purchase, need information about accessibility asap


I'm searching for a few answers to the following questions for a totally blind individual.

1: does NVDA nonvisual desktop access (free screen reader) work with itunes?

Is it fully compatible making itunes fully accessible? Need to know this to know if I can access iphone applications on itunes independently with NVDA or if I need to upgrade my current screen reading software if I purchase an iphone.

2: Understand there are money reading, color identifying, bar code reading, and scanning documents to an ocr, applications for the iphone. How well do these work, what are the prices for these apps? Where and how do I get them if I get an iphone? I also understand that voice over is fully accessible, is this accurate? I understand that there is a GPS application too, is this true, and if so, what's the cost and functionality?

I would like cost and functionality for the following: gps app, color reading app, money reading app, bar code reading app, print to ocr scanning/editing app, bar code reading app.

Please let me know what these do and how much they cost.

Also, are there: Word Processing apps, Spreadsheet apps, Presentation apps, and e-mail apps that are fully accessible to a totally blind user? If so, are these similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook? If so, how, if not how are they different? Can I access an aol, msn, or hotmail account with iphone? If so, how, if not why and what account must I create?

3: Understand mac has laptops and desktop computers with voice over. Is NVDA compatible with iphone so I can install if don't like voice over? If not, what features will voice over allow access to and which not?

4: What does the refreshable braille display for iphone do, how much does it cost, how is it connected, is there additional software needed to use it, and pricing for the display?

Does iphone connect wirelessly to the following: Braille embosser? If so, how and which ones and where do I get the emboser and what's the ballpark price range for these embossers?

Print printer: hp, cannon, etc. type printers, all in one (fax copier and printer in one unit), can I connect to this wirelessly, how, what models, where to get them and pricing?

Does duxbery work on the iphone? If not, does it work on a laptop and/or desktop mac computer with the ability to connect wirelessly. If not wireless, does it connect with usb cable? Would prefer usb cable.

Also, not sure if there are new braille embossers on the market as mine's ten years old. Do you know, and, if so, what's the price range, type, name, and where to get emboser, what it does/functionality, wireless and/or usb connection? etc.?

I know jaws can access itunes in it's latest version but does NVDA or any other free screen reader access all the features of itunes. If so, which screen reader is best and how much is it and where can I get/buy it, and what's price range if not free?

Does a mac laptop with voice over, or NVDA work with TCConferencing or Accessible Event online conferencing software. If so, which one is it most compatible with for regular and accessible use?Is there anything else I should know about any apple products and accessibility. Also, what's the price range for a usb headset with two ears earphones and microphone that connects to laptop or desktop? Where can I get one? Are there any compatibility issues with these usb headsets/microphone sets?

Please provide all answers to these questions and please put them in the e-mail response and do not ask me to look at your website for this information as I don't have time to do that kind of research. I'd like a person to respond so that I've got all answers I need.


#1 This is hours and hours of work.

This is hours and hours of work. Sorry, but I am to busy to help. However, a very few google searches will bring up a wealth of information that will answer all your questions. Good luck. JT

#2 Agreed

I agree with the persone above me. But about the apps that you listed above? This sight that you are on should have some good information about those apps already There should be some good podcasts about how NVDA works with itunes as well. Lastly, the apple products that will have those money reader apps and things like that are the iPod touch 4th generation, the iPad2, the iPhone4 and maybe the 3gs. Also, all these devices has bluetooth, and this is how the braille displays will be connected to the devices. Hopefully i somewhat helped.