Audio discription hardware built into the apple products

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hi all would it be good to sit in the cinima and use your own Iphone or iPad to have the movie Audio discribed for you simply pointing your iPhone or iPad to the screen using head Phones. I think apple is a smart company and should be able to work out out what the Devices are made out of that you use in the cinimas and imp ort the hardware into there products or have a app that we could launch that will audio Discribe the movies for us. if anyone think this is a great idea thats good.



Submitted by Sean Terry on Thursday, December 6, 2012

I think it would be near to impossible. There is way too much going on The screen for the iOS camera to be able to keep up with. When a movie is described, the movie is watched over and over and over again so that the description can be made perfectly. So having your iOS camera describe a movie in the cinema would be impossible.

Have to agree that this would be impossible. However a company is working on making audio description tracks we can download and sync up with movies so hopefully in the future these will be available to take to the theatre. The website is It's pretty cool, I did The Hunger Games track.