blue-tooth keyboards for the IPhone 5s?

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I need recommendations for a blue-tooth keyboard to use with my IPhone 5s, the simpler the better.




Submitted by TJT 2001 on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Many people like Logitek keyboards. I know that you said that you like simple keyboards, but you may find that some higher-priced keyboards may provide you with some keys that perform dedicated iOS functions. This may be useful for people who are less confident with iOS. If you go looking around the Internet, you will find plenty of reviews of keyboards.

Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

My favorite Bluetooth keyboard right now is the Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard. It is light, easy to clean, and works great on your lap. If you buy, make sure it is the model for Apple products. There is a model for Android and Windows and you will not want that one. I have bought one from Best Buy and another from the Apple Store. I am using it now as I respond to your note.

Submitted by Toonhead on Saturday, January 23, 2016

I've tried a lot of Bluetooth keyboards but the one I keep coming back to is the Amazon Basics Bluetooth keyboard. It's only $25.00 on Amazon, and performs a lot of really basic stuff that you can't do on other keyboards. Want to go back to your home screen right from the keyboard? Just press f1 and the job is done. Also, it's not one of these super-tiny keyboards, but it's not huge either. The keys are full-sized, with the usual dots on the f and j keys, and it'ssmall enough to put in a backpack, but it's not so big as to take up a lot of room. it's thin and very lightweight. It takes 2 triple-a batteries, not included. It's my favorite one of all. It's very easy to pare as well, just press the round, circular button on the bottom of the keyboard for about 10 to 15 seconds and the keyboard will be in paring mode. Go to settings, general and Bluetooth and once you find the keyboard in the list of devices, double tap on that element and then in a few seconds, Voiceover will say, Bluetooth paring request, followed by a code you must press on the keyboard, followed by the enter key. Once you do that, the keyboard is pared, just like that. Very nice indeed.