Cannot find the escape key on my keyboard

Hello. I bought a new keyboard a couple of weeks ago and it works great. I have noticed two flaws though, because there are no aparent escape ke y or tab key. It’s a sandstrom keyboard but I do not know the model. I believe Sandström is Norwegian. I am not sure but believe so. I have this wierd symbol with a square but cannot find the escape or tab key and nothing happens no matter what I try with this square key. Thanks for any advice.


#1 suggestion

You could take a photo of the keyboard and use bespecular or some such app to get more info.
In ios 11 vo-space escapes the current context.
In help mode voiceover reads some of my top-row keys.
I have a square thingy with three rows of dots; it is the key to hide/show the onscreen keyboard.

#2 I just need to

I am just wanting to do a two finger scrub on the keyboard. Is there a command for that because I cannot seem to find it. I have no function keys row but am using the fn key to use those. I am looking for a voiceover comand I think, to do the two finger scrub gesture.

#3 Vo space

I thought is for activating the selected object. It may be different though.

#4 Found the command for tab

I found the tab command. It was alt and fm q. Now to find the command for escape.