iOS 9.0.2 Bluetooth Keyboard. Does not type when VO turned on

I encourntered this issue when I upgraded to iOS 9.2.
Whenever I have to restart voiceover, my bluetooth keyboard stops working. It would work every once in a while and stop as soon as I restart VO again.

The issue is only when voiceover is on. M Currently, when VO is turned on, the keyboard is on and only works while using navigation. WHen I am in a text field, the letter keys do not work. I make sure quick nav is off while typing and this still occurs.
When I turn off voiceover, I can type in the text field and when I turn on VO all the text shows up.

It sporadicly would turn back on but I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I got 30 minutes of typing today and it automatically turned back off while v voiceover was on.

I have tried changing the keyboard's batteries and nothing worked. Tried turning on iphone 6 on and off, tried turning bluetooth keyboard on and off. Even tried forgetting about the bluetooth keyboard and pairing it again.

This is a horrible bug that I am experiencing and I was wondering if anyone has found a way around it.

Thank you


#1 Turn Screen Curtain off

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I got a note from Apple after I reported this same bug that suggested turning the screen curtain off. It worked for me. If you have it turned on turning Screen Curtain off may help. In fact, for me, whenever my keyboard stops entering text, I can do the Control-Option-Shift-S key combination to toggle the Screen Curtain state. Try it out. And, do let Apple know that you have also encountered this bug.

#2 yes

yes, this is simple to fix with the screen curtain. seems to have worked for me and a few others i know.

#3 Thank you

Thank you for the advice. It has worked. I sent the issue to Apple so hopefully they can fix it where we can type and use screen curtain at the same time by the next update.

#4 IOS9 and bluetooth keyboard.

Hello friend,

I was facing the same problem. And I'll tell you how I manage to work it. You can just give it a try.

I found if I'm pressing the arrow keys or some other keys to verify whether my bluetooth keyboard is connected or not, it is not working after unlocking the phone. Rather if I hit the shift key and unlocking the phone, it's working as earlier for me. Just give it a try.


#5 Turn Screen Curtain Off

I would recommend to turn Screen Curtain off. Also, there is no iOs9.2. There is a iOs9.0.2.

#6 To add onto this,

To add onto this,
I am using a Logitech Bluetooth ultrathin keyboard with my iPhone 6s using iOS 9.1. When I share a webpage using the Safari browser to Twitter or Facebook, I am not able to input text in the text field using my Bluetooth keyboard with voiceover. If I have voice over off however, I can input text using the Bluetooth keyboard. I am not having any problems and putting text another text fields were applications other than this particular instance. I would like to know if you are also experiencing this problem. I have already reported this to Apple, but would like to know your feedback. Thank you,

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