iPhone XS Max speakers and battery?

I got a new iphone xs max very recently but it seems I may have gotten a dud device that is a faulty defective moddle. bah. just my luck. or so it seems, will see.
But just confirming here before I visit a apple service center.
Iphone XS max does voiceover speak from both the speakers that is the bottum right one and the one through the earpiece?
Whenever I would keep my finger on the top of the screen near a slight notch or where you'd keep your ear whilst talking, I'd feel a slight vibration when voiceover was speaking. However I have noticed that the voiceover sound has changed,and it does seem a little softer, and when I keep my finger on the notch or the earpiece even when voiceover is speaking I don't feel a vibration to indicate that voiceover is speaking under my finger.
and by vibration I don't mean haptic feedback, but the sort of small vibration you feel when you keep your finger directly where the sound is coming from.
so is it just my imagination or the stario speakers on the iphone are the bottum and top one,and mine no longer seems to be functioning? could you keep your finger on the small speaker on the top if you have an iphone max and let me know?
Also, how long does your battery last? mine seems to go down 1% per 1 2 3 minutes when I am using the phone.
Any ideas suggestions are quite welcome.


#1 Not sure about vibration and fingers but

I can indeed confirm that there are sound coming from both the bottom right speaker as well as the earpiece. I can hear the sound clearly when i place my ear close to those positions.

#2 top speaker

Thank you.
When you touch the top speaker with your finger when vo is speaking or a song is playing, do you feel the sound?
I was able to feel so a few days ago, but can no longer do so.
edit, I missed your comment subject.

#3 Yes i can both feel and hear it

As far as vibrations go, I'd say I have better luck with music than voice-over itself. As for battery, I'd say it depends on what app you are using. In my case, WhatsApp is a real battery killer for me. When sending WhatsApp voice messages, I lose about 1/2% per message. I can still go a full day, maybe even a day and a half and that's more than enough for me.

#4 iPhone XS max speaker

did you kno iPhone7 and above, including iPhone XS max have stereo speaker?
1 on the buttom wrightafter the lightning port and on the earpece.
sorry for my language.

#5 iPhone speakers

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Last year I upgraded to the iPhone 8 plus and this year to the XR. One thing I noticed is that Voiceover speech seems to be louder from the bottom speaker than the one near the earpiece. That holds true both for the 8 plus and also the XR.