Itchy vibrating Aftershokz!

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Hello all.

I have recently purchased a set of aftershocks Bluez 2. I read in the article about them that the equalizer was done away with. With this in mind, I have a problem. I enjoy walking around with them playing zombie's run. The problem is, when I turn them up too loud, they vibrate a lot, causing a horibly uncomfortable itching crawling feeling in my ears. I feel as if something is moving inside my ear! So I am now turning up the headphones while the audio clips are playing, but hastily turning them down when the music starts. The clips are sometimes too quiet to just leave them low, and this is very inconvenient when I have to stop, or am on a treadmill and have to hold on with one hand every minute or so to turn them up and down all the time. Does anyone know of a way to eliminate this nasty vibration?

Thanks in advance for any advice given.