Jabra Elite Active 65t and Sound+ companion app accessibility?

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Hi All,

I am interested in perhaps purchasing the Jabra Elite Active 65t truly wireless earbuds but was wondering if anyone here had experience with them and their companion app, Jabra Sound+, from a blindness perspective first? Is the iOS app VoiceOver accessible (i.e., can one adjust the advertised settings, such as EQ, HearThrough, SideTone, selecting preferred voice assistant, selecting an ambient track, etc.)? In terms of the earbuds and their charging case themselves, is it easy to figure out the proper orientation of the earbuds in the case nonvisually? Is the amount of lag comparable to other Bluetooth audio peripherals (I have experience with several Bose Bluetooth speakers and over-ear headphones, the Aftershokz Trekz Air, and the Bluetooth behavior of Amazon Echo and Tap family devices), or is it more noticeable? More generally, would you recommend them to a totally blind VoiceOver user?

Thanks in advance for any inputs!