question about screen protector

Hello all. I would like to buy apples screen protector for my iphone 8 plus but I don't want to have any problems with voice over due to the fact this film is covering the screen. Is this actually a issue? Is any one using the screen protector and voice over at the same time?


#1 Screen protector

You can certainly use the screen protector with VoiceOver, but I would say that it's a bit of a waste of money. The screens of the iPhone 6s and later are quite strong, and unless you drop your phone onto a hard surface from a great height, or deliberately try and crack the screen, you are very unlikely to damage the screen.

#2 screen protecters

Hi, Firstly, i'd like to point out, that no matter how big bad and tough any company says something is, real life, IE not in a lab, will almost always find a way of proving that it can in fact break. i personally haven't ever broken a screen, but i know many who have, and with seemingly small drops too. so never think that it can't happen, cause it can and does. secondly, depending on the screen protector type, they have different effects. so for example, there are two types basically speaking, of screen protector. glass, and plastic. the glass ones seem to be the most popular at the moment, but there are at least 4 problems i know of, two of which are related. 1, is that because the glass protector is less flexible than plastic, when it's bonded to the screen, it tens to help stop the glass of the screen breaking. how ever, the screen itself under the glass, won't be able to flex to take the shock, and will tend to break / damage, even though surface glass, will be fine. so it won't really protect the screen tech itself, just the glass over it. secondly, is that generally, for good glass protectors, they are expensive. pushing anything from $25 to $80 per protector. and before somebody jumps on me and says that you can in fact get cheaper ones, yes you can. but with that cheapness, comes problem number 3. i've tried a few cheap ones now, and even a couple slightly more expensive ones, and i have to say, i hate the feeling of them. they are not as nice to your fingers as even the original glass of the screen is. so for that reason alone, i'd avoid them.
Problem 4, is that due to the thickness of glass protectors, they tend to stick up from your bezzles more. making a sort of sharp edge on the device. they aren't super thick, but thick enough to make it noticeable, and annoying, specially on the newer devices where the screens edges are curved.
Now, as for the plastic ones, there are some good and bad sides to them too, but i tend to find, more good than bad. plastic screen protectors are cheap, or at least they can be from places like ebay and small phone shops and the like, come in a couple varients, and are also thin, so effect the thickness of your device less. so, firstly, plastic comes with two basic types, glossy / clear, IE basically leaving the screen as it is. and matt finish. matt finish has a couple of uses, the most talked about tends to be that that particular type of protector actually makes it so people looking at your phone side on, can't see the screen if it's on. it's a privacy thing. but the thing i like about matt finish, is that i like the feel of it. it's a plasticky feel, yes. but it tends to mean that in hot weather for example, when your fingers might be a little sticky, they won't tend to stick so much to a matt finish protector, there for letting your gestures work smoothly. where as shiny / glossy, tends to stick to your fingers more, and make your fingers jump / jitter over the screen. that one is a personal one, so you might find that you prefer shiny, and that's fine, you cant get both usually for the same price. so you can pick what you like. of course, a plastic film won't protect the glass quite so well from a drop onto a rock or something, but it will help. and unlike the glass protectors, won't tend to damage the screen tech itself so much.
Also, note that just about every screen protector i've herd of or seen, does not cover the curved edges of modern iPhones. it's very hard to do that, so most don't try. you'll find that a screen protector will cover almost all of the screen, but leave small edges around the outside, containing mostly the curved section. so it won't look like it's covering the whole screen, which it of course isn't. but pretty much most of it will be protected.
I did not know that apple themselves have screen protectors, usually up till now, they stock other brands of them, not one of their own. so i don't know if you saw another brand on apples store and are talking about that, or if they have started making their own now. i'd be very interested if they have.
Anyways, hope this helps you understand how screen protectors can help you, or not. it is of course totally up to you. i always have a plastic one on there, just for a little extra protection. it may not save the device, but it just might. and for a dollar or so for a pack of 3, it's well worth it to maybe save the screen on a device worth nearly $1500. lol.

#3 inexpensive screen protectors are my choice

I just bought a case for my iPhone 8 plus that has a built-in screen protector. If I had not done so, I would have gone for an inexpensive plastic screen protector rather than a glass one. Does it make sense to try to protect a glass screen with a sheet of glass? I don't think so. They are less flexible, and might affect the performance of the touch screen. Your best solution, in my personal opinion, is a 3-pack of inexpensive plastic protectors, that can be gotten from Amazon for under $10, or do as I did. Get a case with a screen protector as part of the case.

#4 Replying to your comment about screen protectors

Thank you for your comment I want to do as you did and buy a case with a built-in screen protector for my iPhone 8+. So please tell me where did you buy it from and what was the price? Maybe I can just go to the AT&T store and buy one. Also, since the protector is Bill Chandler the case what’s involved in installing it? Thank you

#5 iPhone 8 plus case

I bought it through Amazon for roughly $19. I don't know what is involved in getting the phone into the case because I won't be getting it until next week.

#6 Replying to your comment about the case

I bought a case at the Apple store for the same price. The phone simply slides into the case but there was no screen protector.

#7 must be a different case

Here is the description of the case that I bought:

iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Battery Case COOLEAD Portable Charger iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6 Plus / 6S Plus (5.5 inch) Charging Case Magnetic Battery Pack Power Cases Juice Bank Cover with 4200mAh [Purple]



So, after looking at it again, maybe it does not come with a built-in screen protector. Sorry for the misleading info. When I did the search, I typed in something like "battery case for iPhone 8+ with screen protector", and this is one that was in the results.

#8 Thank U

Thank you for the description! Yes my case was different it was simply a case it goes under the iPhone to protect the camera lens. So thank you again for the description

#9 A few more words about screen protectors.

Hi all. First, obviously whatever you choose has to be right for you. I used plastic ones, I never liked how they for lack of a better word, "felt". I like glass, only because my finger can swipe and tap without wondering if I clicked what I wanted too. The problem with plastic or installing a glass one for that matter, happens to be bubbling. That's when even the most well intentioned person can get air trapped under the protector. This is for both types. Also glass ones you can clean witha paper towel with Windex on it, making sure the phone it off, and lightly going over the main screen. Never spray on the phone directly. I have to get my phone looked at, I think the protector is cracked and iether my proximity sensor is gross and needs to be cleaned, or it needs to be replaced. Hoping that's not the case. I have an otterbox case, it has it's good and bad points too. Yes it makes the phone heavier and thicker, it also covers everything with plastic on the back, there's no worry about something getting in say the charging port or if you have it the headphone jack. I'll let you know what I think when I look at AT&T tomorrow. Don't buy from Apple or ATT because usually you can get it much cheaper if you do your homework. Good luck. :)

#10 I want to do as you did and

I want to do as you did and buy a case with a built-in screen protector for my iPhone 8+. So please tell me where did you buy [url=]here[/url]
 it from and what was the price? Maybe I can just go to the AT&T store and buy one.