Has anybody had any success using the Amazon Music app for the Mac?

Hi, i was wondering if anyone has had luck with the amazon music app for the mac? I have been trying to download music that i bought off of amazon and I just can't do it. I feel as if I am being locked out of the 500 songs i have bought. Voice over does not see anything in the app. I have also tried to use the older amazon mp3 downloader but it won't work anymore. So has anyone gotten the program to work? If not does amazon have an email address that i can use to contact them?


my experience with amazon music

I recently tried to get music from my amazon cloud player using my laptop with Windows 7 and was not successful. I was wondering how I would now access my cloud player music now that it is called amazon music. I am an amazon prime member and noticed an app for my Iphone called something like amazon music with prime and put it on my phone. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all my cloud music showed up immediately on my Iphone. It was a free app though I pay $99/year for prime membership. I don't have a Mac so can't comment on that part of it. HTH

Amazon Music

Amazon Music for Windows and Mac seems very inaccessible but as Juniper says above, the Amazon Music app for iPhone and iPad is fully accessible and I have been able to access the music I have bought through this app.

I am using Windows 8.1 and can still use the old Amazon MP3 downloader. It may be worth reinstalling the latest version of Amazon MP3 downloader to see if this resolves the problem. The option to use the old MP3 downloader still shows when I buy or download content from Amazon.

The amazon music issue

Hi, Here's the problem. I want to download the music I have purchased from amazon on my mac. I am trying to access the .mp3 files. From what I could tell, the only way to download the alboms is to use amazon music, and it is unusable with voice over. I have a lot of music from them. I understand that the app for IOS is accessible, but that won't really help me get the music on my computer. Thank you for any help.

Amazon Music

Have you tried the following:

1. uninstall any versions of the new Amazon Music program you may have installed in the past.

2. Install the old AmazonMP3Installer program.

3. Visit your Amazon MP3 library online.

4. Select the music you wish to download. You should then be presented with two choices on how to download, either using the new Amazon Music way or the old MP3 way.

Hope this helps.