Has Anyone Noticed with the New Mac Update that the Siri Voices are Responsive?

has any one noticed that when you install the new Mac update that came out yesterday that the Terri voices are very responsive?


I'm on a 5 year old system

I'm on a 5 year old system and I didn't get the update, perhaps it's bedcause I'm running the beta, but for me they still freeze. but like I said my system is old and keys are falling off of it. lol!

i thought

i thought siri voice couldn't be used as the voiceover voice on the mac?

You can use the Siri voices

You can use the Siri voices in Catalina, but they are glitchy. The Supplemental Update released yesterday improved things a bit but not enough to make Siri voices dependable for VoiceOver users.

Norah English Siri Voice

2017 MacBook Pro running 10.15. The Siri voices are a little sluggish. I have found that disabling VO sound effects does tend to speed things up a hair, but still not ready for prime time. I am typing this with the Australian Siri female voice and it's a bit better, but not as robust as Alex.

I reported this in June of

I reported this in June of this year, and they are so glitchy I had to reboot my mac. I know my system is a 2014 mac book air, actually midi 2013 model released in 2014 but still.