help with amadeus pro

Hi all,
I downloaded Amadeus Pro on my mac. So far I know how to join files so that they sound one after anohter, but how do I join files so that they both sound at the same time? Thanks for any help.


Pasting over

Hey there-
You layer files one on top of another by doing the following:
* Move the insertion point to where you want to paste over the top by listening to the file, press space at the point and stop it. Then press command Y.
Then press command, shift V to paste over the top what s on your clipboard.
When you playback everything should sound together.

Jonathan Mosen's book, BECOME AN AMADEUS PRO MASTRO is a very good starting point to learn about this super awesome programme.

so i have to

so i have to have the file coppied to the clipboard before doing those steps?

confused on copying files

I press command c when i'm in a file after opening it in amadaius pro, but it doesn't allow me to copy, nothing happens when I press command c.



Once you open a file, you should be able to press command A to select the file and command C to copy it. I can't remember if VO gives spoken feedback that it's copied or not. Hope this helps. Also I agree with Mara. The book is an excelent resource. Couldn't have learned the program without it.

Yes, You do have to have the

Yes, You do have to have the file copied to the clipboard before you do what I said before. You have already been told how to do that so I won't repeat. Hope we've helped yo out.

I got the tracks to play together at the same ti4me, but

I managed to get both tracks to play together at the same time. But if I want to play one track firsast, and then add another track so that it starts on say, second 15 of the first track and not at the first time that the first tracks starts, how do I do this? I tried pressing command why and then pasting the track, but they both started at the same time

disregard my last

Disregard my last post, got it. However, when I paste over, the first track volume lowers. How do I equalize the volume of so that both tracks play at the same level Insertion at end of text.