Help with king of dragon pass

Hello. I am playing King Of Dragon Pass.
I seem to have no magic and I don't know how to get more.
Also my farmers are sad because the weapon whatevers have been getting preferential treatment.
I would need help with those two things.
Edit: My clan seems unhappy. I would need help there too. :-)
Edit: I somehow managed to make magic, and lots of it, but I have no idea what I did. Also now both the warriors and farmers are uncertain. The clan is worried.


#1 Magic

You get magic at the beginning of each year. Every time you check a box, like giving yourself crops or health or mysteries, you use up magic. If you use all your magic at the start of the year, you won't have magic to use during the year.

You can get more magic by having a good proportion of men and women on the ring, by having a trickster on the ring, or by successfully completing a ritual, i.e. reendancting a story in the gods' realm. The last is a pretty big bonus but they're a certain amount of work on your part, but after a while you should be able to do one of them a year. There are also magic items that will give you an extra magic at sacred time.

If your farmers or thanes are unhappy, you can give one group or the other gifts. If you give one group and not the other, though, that can cause the other group to get mad. Look out for events where you can make both groups happy or you can make the most unhappy group happy. They also have priorities that will make them unhappy if they're not met, like I think the thanes get mad if they never ever fight and the farmers get mad if there's too much fighting, or something. There are quests/rituals/whater they're called that will make the groups, or the clan overall, happy and you can do that as a last resort if they're super mad.

#2 Hmm

Okay, I have now made the farmers and warriors happy but they have grudges just underneath the surface and I am told to distribute wealth and where do I do that?

#3 great

Okay, got both the farmers and the weapon thanes happy, at last. Now I will focus on magic.