Help, my cellular settings are all messed up.

iphone 8 ios 12.4 something strange happened yesterday. my data counter reset it’sself and it never did that before. since then some apps are missing from cellular settings and i can't turn them on or off. here's what i tried; reboot phone, soft reset phone, reset network settings, delete and reinstall effected apps. i don't want to reset the whole phone because i would have lots of apps and media to redownload and my internet is under 1 mbps. i also am trying to avoid updating ios because i am jail broaken. please how do i fix this.


re: Help, my cellular settings are all messed up.

Hello Jessica,
I am sorry to hear of your situation.
Unfortunately, jailbreaking devices leaves you at the merciless winds of absolutely and literally anything and everything that the world will throw at you, with rather few protections, and absolutely no guarantees of functionality or security.
Jailbreaking means that anything and everything that can happen to you and your device, is orders of magnitude more likely to happen to you.

Anyway, with my initial jailbreaking opinion out of the way, these are a few of the countless ways and things that may be happening to your device.

- A carrier settings update may have been either applied to your device, or changes applied to your carrier network that are not compatible with the jailbroken software
- A malicious actor may have gained access to your device via an unpatched or ungated means as a result of the jailbreak, and may have damaged or replaced parts of the code in your OS that control or manage cellular functions
- Your software has become corrupt via an infinite number of possibilities, due to its nature of running unverified code, which has caused a corruption of your cellular settings, or software or settings related to control of cellular functions

Ultimately, my final opinion is to not jailbreak, ever. It is bad for all in the community, including yourself. For every single reason that you feel that you have why you jailbreak your device, there are at least 10 reasons why it is really not good, and actually potentially unsafe in the realist sense.
While jailbreaking definitely gives you more control and functionality, it also gives the same to anyone who knows how to get it.

I recommend that you fully factory reset your device and load an authorized version of iOS from Apple. You will be more secure, the community as a whole will be more secure, and you can be significantly more assured that your settings and your device won't go all wonky because someone is stealing your digital life for their own gains and messing up your device while they're at it.

I sincerely hope you realize the true danger of jailbreaking.
This problem is not random. It has a reason, it is most likely caused by other people's access, or software running in an unverified state, and it is very likely that your device is compromiseable to the point where any or all of everything that you do and put on your phone is easily usable by anyone.

If you're still unconvinced, I'll say bluntly, you will have to live with what you've got, or go legit. 12.4 is not being signed, and has not been for over a month.

Best Regards,
Adam MacLeod