Help with navigating through the windows on Mac

I am having a problem with macOS Mojave. When something appears on my screen like a message saying, this app would like to use your current location or something like that, voiceover sometimes doesn’t tell me it’s there, and I have to get someone who can see to click on it and then voiceover focuses on it. I have tried getting to the dialogue by pressing CMD plus tab and have tried accessing it by opening mission control with a four finger swipe up on the trackpad but nothing seems to work. I always have to get someone to click on it for me. Does anyone know a keyboard shortcut I can use to get to these dialogs.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Try a few things

First, press Voice over keys, F2 function also if you have that enabled. That will show you a list of windows, arrow until you might hear, untitled or something. press reutrn. That should take you into that window. Otherwise try Voice over N to hear notifications. Hope that helps.

Help with navigating windows on Mac

the VoiceOver keys and the F2 key in combination should help bring up a list of windows that you are unable to access with VoiceOver as the previous poster suggested. Hopefully this helps and has resolved the issue of not being able to access certain windows with VoiceOver. This is one of the most useful commands to remember to bring up all of the active windows even if they cannot be accessed with the command and tab keys.

You're welcome

You might want to use voice over, K and that will put you in "Help" mode. You can then press any keys you want without doing anything to the computer. Not that you would. :) If you need more help just contact me, I'll be happy to do what I can in an audio chat setting.