Help needed with videos in the camera app on iPhone 5C

I'm having a whole lot of trouble copying videos I've recorded in the Camera app to my external hard drive. If I pull up my iPhone in Windows Explorer, all my photos and videos are there, but when I try to copy them, there are 1 or 2 of them that won't copy. My PC just sits there like it's copying or trying to copy something, then it acts like it's done, but the file size on the newly copied file is 0 bytes. If I go into the photo and video viewer on my phone and trim the video, it copies fine, but I want to copy videos without having to trim them first. Please help!


Please read my previous

Please read my previous post...Some of the files will not copy when either using Windows Explorer or the scanner and camera wizzard unless I trim them first.

Hello. you can import them

Hello. you can import them using dropbox or an external service. or import them to your internal drive then export them to the external drive.

Good luck.

I haven't thought of

I haven't thought of importing them to the internal drive first, but I'll try it.

I don't' know if this will

I don't' know if this will work or not. I had another user have trouble on videos over a certain size so that might also be the issue.

I have no idea how they imported their videos on the pc but good luck.

I'm still having problems,

I'm still having problems, and they're worse. Some videos just won't copy, no matter how much I trim them, and no matter what the size of the original is. This just happens at random. I'm beginning to wonder if there's something wrong with my phone. I'm running iOS 7.0.6. Is there any other way to transfer videos from my phone to my PC?