help pairing Braille Sense U2 after inadvertently forgetting this display

Hello. I mistakenly told my iPhone 6s to forget this device referring to my Braille Sense U2. How can I get my iPhone to recognize this device again? I am using IOS 11.26.


Just pair it again

Go to settings, bluetooth, go below where it says other devices and choose your braille sence. I don’t know how the display works but maybe you have to press something o make it available to pair.

usually through braille display under voice over in settings

Thank you for the suggestion. Usually the braille sense is paired by selecting it in voice over settings under "choose a braille display"; however, my braille sense does not appear there since I told my phone to "forget this device". How can I reset that option?

Power down or reset

Hi, I suggest powering the iPhone down entirely, along with the braille display. Braille display searches eventually time out. Set your braille display in screen terminal, bluetooth serial port, then search for it the usual way through VoiceOver/Braille. If this still doesn't work I suggest a revive reset on the U2.

Resetting the u2

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If you have tried restarting your phone, the other thing to try is to reset the u2. I assume you are already in "Terminal Mode" when you attempt to pair. You are correct that you must pair it with VoiceOver. If a soft reset doesn't work with just the button, you may have to do a more painful reset, which will restore all of your settings to factory default. Do this by turning the unit on, holding down the fast forward media button on the front, and then press the reset button again. Continue holding down fast forward until after the u2 chimes. Good luck!

Thank you

I did a hard reset of the Braille Sense and that finally worked.