Hi All

I've just joined this group because I'm about to help my brother learn VoiceOver on his new Mac, and I'm SURE we'll have questions that the experienced users in this group can help with! Once we get him rolling, we'll register him in the group too so he can benefit from your collective experiences. This will be his first Mac ( we've been working on him for years!) so there are a few learning curves ahead. Also going to be trying out Dragon Dictate which I saw demo-ed at Macworld a few weeks ago. Between that, Voice Over and screen magnification, I have high hopes. Thanks in advance! Nancy


VoiceOver start / stop reading

Is there a simple way to stop VoiceOver from reading (for instance, and email) without turning it all the way off? I guess what we're looking for is a way to pause reading. thanks! Nancy

hi. yes there is an easy way

hi. yes there is an easy way to stop voice over from reading. just press control once to stop and once to resume. so if you were reading an email and wanted to tell someone what it said, VO could read one sentence, you could pause it with control, then restart it when you were ready. you don't need to worry about it turning off the speech for good though, as as soon as the text under the curser changes, for example, you tell it to move to the next line etc, VO will start reading again. hope that helps.

finger taps

I assume you mean IF you have a trackpad.... ? thanks

Thanks for the tip!

Works like a charm. Thank you for the speedy reply and accurate information!

Links in emails?

What do you do when an email has a URL in it? Somehow, using vo spacebar does not open the link in Safari, nor does clicking it with the mouse. Do we have to use the arrow and submenu next to the link? This pops up a preview window with a button to open the link in Safari. Seems a little complicated - any ideas? thanks again! Nancy & Keith

links in emails

its a bit hit and miss for me too. if you interact with the text of the email, scroll to the link using VO and down, then move onto it by VO left or VO right then press VO and space does that work? or interacting with the link itself and then clicking with the VO and space. Interact using VO shift and down. sorry if that doesn't help.

Open Link in Submenu

Hi there. I found that if you are on the link, you can use VO Shift M to open the shortcut menu, then arrow down until you get to Open URL. This will open Safari and load the URL. You just kind of have to get the timing right. Maybe not the most elegant solution, but it works! Thank you again for pointing us in the right direction.