Hotspots Not Working With Outlook In Catalina

Since upgrading to Catalina hotspots are not working properly for me in Outlook. I can set them but when I use the hot keys focus will not jump to the hotspot. .The functionality seems to be working fine in other apps like Safari.

Anyone else notice this?


Issue Resolved With Update

Updated Catalina to 10.15 and then ran Microsoft Auto Update to get the latest app updates. .

With the updates installed the issue seems to be resolved.


Spoke too soon

After some use I have discovered that the problem is not completely resolved. Sometimes the hot spot stops working. If I reset it things will work okay for a little while.

I have not determined if there is any connection between what I am doing that might affect when it stops.

Email a sysdiagnose file and

Email a sysdiagnose file and any steps you can think of to microsoft and apple. Then kick back and wait. I don't use outlook on mac os but that will be my next try.

Same Issue here.

Hi! I am also experiencing this issue. I use Hotspots to complete task faster at work. Now I can not do that anymore because after a page refresh in Safari the Hotsposts I created no longer exist,

What can we do about this?


Well, that sounded like a

Well, that sounded like a good idea.

I started out contacting Microsoft. Found out their Accessibility department only works with windows so they could not help except to pass me along to the Office for Mac support who don't handle accessibility. They seemed to acknowledge there is an issue but it is with VoiceOver so they told me to contact Apple.

Apple Accessibility, which was far less friendly than Microsoft I was surprised to discover, says it is a Microsoft issue and they can't help.

I am so thankful this is a minor bug for me.

Reported to Apple

Thank you! I just reported the issue to Apple. I hope they do fix the said because I use Hotspots at work.

Even the engineers seem stumped...

I've had a very good CSR from Apple trying to help resolve this. By the way, I think I noted this as a problem specifically with Outlook but it is happening with other apps. Evernote and Messages are two I've been testing. The one Hotspot I set for my favourites bar in Safari always seems to stick.

So far we've followed some trouble shooting steps and sent logs to the engineers but no solution yet.
I am seriously considering a fresh install of Catalina at this point.