How accessible is the Master Build smoker app?

Hi Apple Vis,
My dad is giving me a Master Build smoker, and he did mention that there's a bluetooth function. So I could use the app with it.
I wonder if anyone has used the app before knows if it's any accessible, or just stick with the controls on the smoker?
Thanks in advance.


How accessible is the Master Built smoker app?

When doing a search in the app store this application is called Masterbuilt one word with a t in built.
The app seems accessible with VoiceOver as far as I can get without actually having a smoker. it has typical next and back controls and text is read explaining the process of connecting your phone to the smoker. Unfortunately I do not have a smoker to test out the actual control functions. I would recommend downloading the app and attempt to connect it to your smoker or perhaps another apple vis member can weigh in if they have experience with this app controlling the device.

Thanks. I'll let you guys know when I get the smoker

When I get the smoker. I'll post an app review or what the folks call it on here. I know my dad was saying that once it got around five feet away it became pretty useless with the Bluetooth function, and you'd be better off just using the onboard controls.