How can I read subtitles?

Hi, I'm from Turkey and I'm 100% blind. My friends watch English series/movies with subtitles because they don't know English, I want to do it too. English series with turkish subtitles, or English series with English subtitles, it doesn't matter.
How can I do that? Any applications? I use jaws in my computer and Voice Over in IPhone.


Coming in iOS 11

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I've been struggling with the same issue and was throwing around the idea of solving it with an app, but according to the WWDC 2017 keynote, this is coming to the platform natively in iOS/tvOS 11. Not sure how it will work based on the small blurb they had, but I'm assuming if you have VoiceOver enabled, the subtitles will be read.




Are you speaking about having the subtitles read on your PC or iPhone? To the best of my knowledge there is no app at this time to read subtitles on a video. However, you can watch a show or movie (if it offers it) with video description. If it does, when subtitles are presented it will read them as a part of the narration. Otherwise, there is no other solution at this time.

I hope that this helps.

nPlayer can read subtitles via VoiceOver


you don't have to wait until iOS 11, nPlayer is able to speak via VoiceOver the subtitles that are showing along a playing video.

This free app supports many audio, video and subtitle formats, including video files which have text subtitles embedded inside them. Though it can't speak subtitles which are not textual but rather baked in as a image. It can also access and play video and audio in your iTunes library provided the content is not protected with DRM.

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how to change sub voice

can someone explain to me how to change the voice that nplayer uses to read srt files when I am not in the player itself and i control the voice with voiceover?
I also would like to know if someone managed to read .ass or .ass subs with the nplayer app?

reding subtitles

I tried it in IOs 11 and it is amazing, though you need to be able to read Braille really fast!

changing voice and using ASS subtitles

Hello mslion,

changing the subtitle voice is only possible when currently in the nPlayer app when the subtitle voice would be the same as the VoiceOver voice. However, if you want to keep the video playing with your preferred subtitle voice settings and lock the screen, you can use the Lock screen button in the bottom left corner of the landscape view of a playing video.

nPlayer should support SSA subtitles which are similar to ASS subtitles, maybe changing the extension would work, but if not, there is an option to convert the format, e.g., using this online subtitle converter. On that page, use the Upload text, it's not recognized as a button, but it works when activated, to upload a file, and the Convert text, the same issue here, to start the conversion after selecting the destination format.

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nPlayer advantages over iOS 11 spoken/braille subtitles support

It's good to have support for spoken and braille subtitles in iTunes, though nPlayer has some advantages: it can play more video formats as well as subtitle formats. Regarding the scrolling speed of subtitles, you can lower the video playback rate in nPlayer, although only to the degree that it would not make an overly slow motion out of the movie. Then you might want to set notifications to appear longer on the braille display in Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Braille, which will affect how long the subtitles stay.

Question about nPlayer

Would subtitles be read automatically? Because I haven't found anything on the settings tab.

it's tould be

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it's should be read auttomaticly but on my AppleTV it doesn't happands. there are a setting in the rottor but it doesn't work always.

Checking the Subtitle tab under Settings button


if you go to Settings using the button in the lower left corner of the landscape player, then switch to the Subtitle tab, do you have subtitles track appearing there and the Show subtitles switch enabled? If subtitles are not there, they can be added manually using the Add subtitles button on that screen.

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Subtitles in iOS11.

How do you get the subtitles to read with the iOS11 beta? I don't see any options in the settings and I tried a movie with subs and it didn't read.


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Hi Tasha
How did you enable spoken captions? I tried turning on Speech under Verbosity > Media descriptions, but it didn’t work.
Does it work with all videos and in what languages? Thanks :)

Apps that support reading subtitles

Hello all! Yesterday I tryed to read subtitles in the app that is called ted via iOs11 new feature and it works really cool! Are there any other apps where I can use this feature? I tryed to use it in youtube but it doesn't work there. Thanx!

netflix and itunes

I know it works on Netflix and iTunes content. I tested it myself


Hello. I am trying to get voiceover to read me subtitles on the Netflix player through safari on my mac. I saw in the comments above that you can do it with the app but for complicated reasons I don't want to use the app. Does anyone know if voiceover on Mac OS has the same feature? I tried getting the rotor up but it wasn't there. Thanks in advance.

nplayer is bad in latest update

hi all
i Always using this app to read subtitles on my iphone but in the last update it was a problem
the app do not read all subtitles like before and in some files its don;t read the subtitle i don;t no why and it was red it before update
can you try and contact them . my english is bad

i;m really sad for that

How does it works?

Can you tell me please how it works in iPhone?
I tried it but didn't understand how to hear the subtitles. For example, I searched for a video in the browser tab and played it but it didn't read out the subtitle

what is it?

what is "it"? how does what Works?


I meant how does the nPlayer app work in IPhone. How can I make VoiceOver read the subtitles? Should I have the video downloaded on the app, or can I hear the subtitles online as well?


I managed to make VoiceOver read out subtitles, but only in NetFlix. Is there another app that VoiceOver can read subtitles in?


I just wanted to share that I found a way to hear subtitles read for me by using a website called You must have the mp4 video downloaded on your PC as well as the srt file for the subtitle. You can get subtitles from When you go to, you will see the "open file" button, where you can choose the video you want to watch from your PC. Then you have to find the link where it says "subtitles" and click it to move to the subtitle section, press the "open file" button and add the subtitle for the video you added, it supports several subtitle formats such as .srt and .ass. Finally, find the link where it says "voice" and click it, here you can choose the voice you want for the subtitles to be read for you. This website works better with Chrome and Safari, as for me, I'm using Chrome so I don't really know how it works on Safari, but its written there that it works for both browsers.
I hope this was helpful for those of you who were struggling in finding a way to have subtitles read for them, as I really was, fortunately there turned out to be a way