How can I use the swimming part of the workout app on my watch

I have a new apple watch that has the waterlock.
I go to the workout app or whatever, the one native, and find pool swimming, though I cannot access it when I have activated waterlock. Does the watch automaticaly go to waterlock when I start the workout? I hear the four beeps, like a start signal, and assume the waterlock is on, but I am not sure. Because I think I need the waterlock on before even junmping into the water. Am I to press the crown and doc buttons to pause it because it seems to me that it starts instantly.


Waterlock is automatic


When you start a pool swim workout, waterlock starts automatically. Pausing and resuming can be done by pressing the crown and side button together.

The first swim

The first swim went fine. I love this feature. Was a bit nervous at first but then I let that go and had a long swim in the pool. It was very 'exact, 26 lenghts.

length counter

Just a word of warning that sometimes this goes awry. i'm not sure what causes it but occasionally this can happen. So a while back the watch told me I had swum 1,150 metres, totalling 26 lengths. That's not right in a 25-metre pool! I count my lengths mannually so I new the distance was correct and that it was 46 rather than 26 lengths that I had done. I have no idea what caused the discrepancy.

I guess I didn't know you can

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I guess I didn't know you can swim with an Apple watch. How waterproof is it? Can you take a shower with it on? I have a series 4.


Yes. But first you need to go to control p, and go to waterlog. Turn it on. Make sure dig crown is off to be able to turn it off after you finish with your shower. I am using Series 5.

I wouldn't recommend a shower

A chap was on here a while back who took showers using his Apple Watch. Apparently it eventually did something to the speaker and Voiceover didn't sound good. small wonder, really - an appple Watch is designed to be waterproof, but soap proof is another matter.

Re: showering with Apple Watch

Just found this on the Apple support pages.
"Oct 18, 2019 - Showering with Apple Watch Series 2 and newer is ok, but we recommend not exposing Apple Watch to soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and perfumes as they can negatively affect water seals and acoustic membranes."
So, unless you don't believe in soap or shampoo, probably not a good idea to shower with it.


I asked group email that focus on apple. Yes. I did not know that. So my watch is no longer taking showers. Lucky that it was not damage. Even when I was using series 3. What about the chlorine in the pool?