How to cross between open tabs in Safari in MacOS?

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Hello! I would like to know how to cross between open tabs that i was open in Safari? I can't find this option. Thanks for your replies.


Control Tab

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Pressing Control Tab and Control Shift tab should move you between open tabs in Safari.

Ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab

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Simply press control-tab to move to the next open tab, and control-shift-tab for the previous one. Nothing will happen if you only have one tab open. If you happen to be using a MacBook Pro with touch bar, note that your open tabs will appear on the Bar as well. Finally, you can press cmd-shift-backslash to open an overview of the tabs on your Mac and any other devices on your iCloud account, or find a list of tabs left of Safari's web content. If that last one isn't there, find the option to show it in the View Menu.


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Thanks, it works.

Another way

You can also press command 1, command 2 and so on to open specific tabs in the order that you created them, although there are some focus issues occasionally when using this method. This way does let you jump to specific tabs though instead of cycling through all tabs to get to the one you want.