how do I get my watch to learn better when I am standing VS when I am not standing?

Back in February I got an Apple Watch series 3. I love the fact it keeps track of things like your heart rate, your movement, ETC. What I find extremely off is when I am standing, and when I am not. The watch things I stand over 12 hours a day, when in fact I am sitting. does anyone have this issue, and if so, have you found a way to fix this?


Clarification About The Standing Goal On Apple Watch

The watch doesn't really think that you are standing for 12 hours or more. What happens is, if you stand for a minute or more in a particular hour, it counts as 1 hour towards your standing goal. The watch is just attempting to keep you moving. That's why it encourages you to stand for 1 minute or more per hour. Every hour that you stand for a minute or more counts as an hour towards your standing goal. So it doesn't actually think you have stood for 12 hours. It is just saying that you have stood for a minute or more within 12 hours of the day.

the standing thing then sounds rather confusing

it just sounds really confusing. let me see if I understand you correctly. so if you stand one time every hour of the day then it will have said you stood for 24 hours? ok, is there a way to kill the standing thing, so that it doesn't go off, but keep the moving one, and other ones?

Purpose of standing goal

The purpose of the standing goal is to make sure you move at least a little bit each hour. Prolonged sitting is not healthy and this is what the watch is trying to prevent. I don't believe you can mute just one fitness goal, but if you stand at least once an hour for a minute, it shouldn't bother you. Personally, I really like this feature. If I sit down at my desk at say 9:00 and don't don't stand up at all, I get a gentle tap at 9:50 telling me its time to stand. When I get up and walk around the office for a couple of minutes, I get another tap telling me that I have met the stand goal for that hour. However, if I sit down at 9:00 and get up at 9:30 for a couple of minutes, I don't get any notifications that hour. I hope this makes sense.

Turning off Stand Reminders.


If you want to turn off Stand Reminders then this can be done as follows.

Launch the Watch App on your iPhone.

Navigate to and double-tap the Activity button.

In here there is a toggle for turnng Stand Reminders on/off.

Make your choice, hit Back exet the Watch App and you’re done.

This does not affect any other of the activities which will work as normal.