How do you delete tabs in Safari?

Hi All,
I have just been looking at my Safari app and have found over 50 tabs open. I guess the effect of this is to reduce my IPhone speed and battery efficiency? My son has switched off VO and quickly closed all the tabs but does anyone know how to do the task easily with VO on?
I have tried to copy my son by using the right to left swipe with VO off but I am either not doing the gesture correctly or I am too slow.




Closing tabs in Safari

At the bottom right side of the screen there is a button labeled Pages. That's a list of your open tabs. Double-tap that button then flick left and right to focus on the open tabs.

Once you've found the tab you want to close, flick up or down to hear the actions available. One of those actions will be to close the tab. Double-tap that action to close the tab. Repeat as desired.

If you close all the tabs, the screen will change to display the address field where you can enter a website address.

A way to close all tabs at once

Another thing you can do is double tap and hold on the pages tab. That will bring up a dialog asking if you wish to clear all tabs. Waaaay faster if you have lots.

Brilliant, thank you all

Hi to those who responded,
Both methods worked a treat. I knew that I had to double tap whichI'm sorry Jeff I left out of my description but neither my son or I found the dropdown with VO on. The method of holding is also great, thank you for that too.