How do you View Replies on Facebook?

Hi all. How do you view replies on facebook?


#1 replies FB.


If you 1 finger doubbe tap on the post, then scroll through the post, you should be able to view them that way. So what you'd hear is something along the lines of this.

`Jon Doe commented` Swipe left or right until you hear that someone replied & it said so. Then if it doesn't read it along with the person's name, then double tap to read the comment. Then you're swipe again & get to a field to write a reply. Hope this helps! I just tried on my ipad to be sure I recalled correctly & it turned out it was easier to get to than I thought!

#2 Can't "view replies" of people's comments

I can't "view replies" on people's comments on my news feed from major news organizations. I've tried two-finger double-tap, but it didn't work.