how does explore photo work with seeing Ai.

Hey! How does explore photo work in Seeing Ai.
I shared a photo to it, & hit the explore photo button, & when I explored it, all it gave was text, when it said there was an object in it. Can someone tell me how 2 work it please? Thanks in advance!


#1 Exploring photos with seeing ai.

Using the explore feature. When sharing the photo. Seeing ai is recognizing objects in the photo. to explore the photo, drag 1 finger around the screen and listen for a tone and it should announce the object in the photo.

#2 what if there's

Thanks! What if there's only a tone & nothing else? The 1 photo I was trying it on said it had a picture of a sign. But when I moved around the screen, sometimes I'd get a tone, but no other feedback like disscription. Then if I moved 2 another part of the screen, I'd get the text.
If there's a tone, & no other feedback, does that mean there's nothing there? Sorry 4 all the questions, it's just I've never used this feature before.

#3 I think that what it thinks

I think that what it thinks is a picture of a sign is, well, the text. In other words, what you have is basically just an object with text written on it.

To really test this feature, you'd need a picture with some other stuff in it, like people or vehicles or trees or something.