How jailbreaking made my iOS experience much Better!

“What can you do with a jailbroken iDevice? And What is the point of jailbreaking?” are two of the most common questions I have been asked so many times, and to tell you guys honestly there are no short and simple answers. AS a result, here I am writing a long post to address those two questions by sharing the tweaks that I have and explain them to you guys how jailbreaking makes my iOS experience way much better, and I’m hoping that my fellow jailbreakers would do the same thing on the comment.

Activator: Personally, this is the best jailbreak tweak ever.

Actually, this tweak itself deserves a post by itself because there are tons of modifications you can do with it. However, I’m going to share to you guys some of the cool stuffs I have managed to do with it. You can also listen to a podcast demonstration that I made for Activator on this link. Activator The Must have jailbreak Tweak

Blind Square+ with Activator

I take trains 4 days a week. I live in Chicago, so trains here are always running on schedule. With the combination of another tweak, called Activate Link, Blind Square URL scheme and Activator, I have created a schedule, on specific days of the week that will launch Blind Square and track my station 5 minutes before my stop. Due to my long train commute, this automation is very useful for me; not only alerting me for my stop, it’s also providing me of my location, especially when the train is running late. I also have this set up to track the stairs on the train platform. I love this set up so much; It gives me the freedom to do things on my phone without the fear of missing my stop; It saves me some battery too because I don’t have to run Blind Square all the time.

In my work place, we are not allowed to use our phones, so I always put my phone on Airplane mode when I’m working.

Again, I have created a schedule for this one too, so I don’t have to worry about it and just have Activator to do the job for me. I use my headphone all the time at work, so when I’m done working, and I plug my headphone jack in, it will automatically turn the Airplane mode off and set the volume to 70%.

Notification Events

Don’t you hate when you are trying to charge your device, and next thing you know it got unplugged? I do, so I created an Activator set up that will make my device say something like, “Hee Hee Hee. That tickles” when I plug it in and “Ha ha Ha. You got unplugged” when I got disconnected from the charger. I also created something to announce my battery percentage when it becomes 100, 75, 50 and 25; It’s nice to have an alert how much battery you still have while you’re using your device.

The last setup for Activator that I want to share is pre-programming things you want to say to Siri.

I have created a Siri’ menu that contains all the phrases I want to tell her such as “What is the name of the song playing?” (Very handy in a noisy environment) and “Speak the screen,” Handy if I want to share something to my fiance to a speech rate that she could understand. I better stop with Activator because I could go on and on about it! I actually consider myself as “Activator Ninja!” LOL!

Activator/FlipSwitch Add-on

Activate Link: This is what I use to automate Blind Square

. Description: Activate Link is a simple tweak that lets you open URLs using Activator events. Activate Link supports Web URLs as well as System URL Schemes. This tweak lets you set up to five URLs that can be opened with Activator events such as tapping the status bar, double tapping the sleep button or triple tapping the home button. Examples of things you can do are: - Open a favorite web page in safari. - Get maps to take you to a favorite location (e.g.,Chicago for apple maps or comgooglemaps://?daddr=10+Downing+Street,London for google maps). - Open a favorite TV show in imdb (e.g. imdb:///title/tt0944947/). - Compose a tweet in your preferred Twitter client that supports URL schemes. No icon is added to the home screen. Configuration is performed in the Settings app.

Keyboard FlipSwitch

This allows you to use an Activator gesture to toggle the switches inside the Setting>General>Keyboard. For your guys information, I am a Filipino who migrated to America. I love to use the Auto Correction of iOS when I’m chatting with my American friends, but I hate it when I’m chatting with my Filipino friends; It’s pain in the butt to go inside the keyboard setting just to toggle it. However, this is no longer the case because now I can just double tap on the right part of my status bar, and it will toggle it on or off.


This allows you to switch back and fourth to the previous app you had opened.

Self-explanatory Add-on

VoiceOver FlipSwitch SafeMode FlipSwitch Reboot FlipSwitch


This allows me to browse, move or modify the iOS file system. You can even browse, download and upload files to Box/DropBox once you link your account. Basically, it’s a Finder for iOS.


This enables you to import ringtones, Videos and music to the native iOS app.


This tell you the time using Vibrations pattern. You simply set up the gesture on Activator to trigger the vibration. For 2$, this is no brainer to buy compare with the pocket watch that vibrates the time that cost over 100$.


This lets you modify iOS and third party apps. I use this to have the banner notification to stick on the status bar, change Siri speech rate, enable to rewind iTunes Radio, enable unlimited Skips and no Ads for iHeartRadio and iTunes Radio and so much more. You guys have to explore this one. There are plenty of things you can do with it, especially if you know some programming.


This lets me use the Touch ID to log in to my account even the apps don’t support it yet.


This enables you to use the Touch ID sensor as your home button.


regardless what part of iOS you are at,This enables VoiceOver to announce when your iMessage has been read if they have the read receipt enable. It also announce the Typing indicator.


This disables the additional character when you hold the letter on the keyboard.


This removes the update history on the AppStore.


This allows you to have an Activator gestures to thumbs up or down on a song. This support Pandora, Spodify, iTunesRadio and more.. The way I set up mine is when I hold the volume up and down.


In my opinion, This is the most effective way to block ads. However, you may encounter sometimes that some pages are not loading up properly, but you can solve that by turning off UntrustedHostBlocker. In order for you to have that capability, you have to install HostFile FlipSwitch. UHB is not on the default repos. You have to add this source; http://repo.thireus .com

Slide2Kill Pro

This enable you to kill all the apps on the appSwitcher in different ways. I have mine set up to double tap and hold an icon inside the AppSwitcher.

SafeAlarm Pro

This enable you to have more customization how your alarms work. For example, I have changed my Snooze duration to 30 min. instead of the default, which is 9.


This brings back the unlock sound effect back in iOS 6.


I have probably shared to you guys 50% of customizations that I do on my jailbroken device. There are some more advance stuffs, but I don’t think that I have to go to that extent. Besides, This post is becoming a novel already! LOL! Seriously, I hope that this post answered those two most common question on my introduction. To my fellow jailbreaker, share your Activator set up and jailbreak experience too in the comment.


sounds cool

Everything you have mentioned sounds pretty cool. I personally have no interest in jailbreaking because many of the ios bugs exists and the temptation of updating to see if bugs have been resolved is too great. However, I personally like Unlimited iTunes Radio skips. I also enjoy iTransmission and Moviebox as jailbreak apps, but these no longer need to have a jailbroken device to use (app addict, zeusmos are fully accessible btw).. I can see the value of jailbreaking as it definitely offers features that can be worthwhile.

Musicruz, thanks for taking

Musicruz, thanks for taking your time and sharing some of your tweaks. Many of these tweaks I would enjoy using such as what you do with Activator with Blind Square or even the notifications. When you plug in and unplug your phone the sound is funny. This gives me a better description of how tweaks are able to change things from a blind prospective and whether or not I would JB my phone.

What next

one of my favourite tweak. You can answer a phone by home button or shaking device. This can be very useful if you are somewhere outside or in noisy streets etc. With this amazing app you also can activate a silent mode while your iphone is face down. If you are so tired just put iphone on desk face down and you are imediately in silent mode.

Everybody wants better batery life. With this great tweak you can schedule airplane mode during night so you spare about 5% during only one night. Ischeduler also provides a scheduled method to send a sms autoamticaly. Great if your head is too small to remember something important. For example birthday of your friends. You can write a sms now and mark it to be send in future. And my favourite function in this tweak is scheduling apps. At 8:00 my alarm wake me up and 8:05 ischeduler runs a webpage with newest infos from my city. without my action or touch!

Wake info 2
After you snooze or stop the alarm voiceover can tell you a weather, how many unread mails or messages you have and much more. You can set the own sentences how it will be sounds. E.g. Hey Boss, good morning! Today is 15 degrees, you have one missed call and 2 unread messages.

Great tool if you are sick from messenger app. If you want to chat with friends via facebook you need a external app called Messenger. But with this tweak you can chat via classic facebook app.

Remote messages 8
If you are using computer and it is on the same wifi network as your iphone, with this tweak you can write messages and imessages from your computer. Works like a bluetooth keyboard but much more better. Just install this app and turn it on in the setings. In the setings there is an ip address of your phone and also the port. Default port for this app is 333. So if your phone has ip just open a webbrowser on your PC or Mac and type to the url bar this:
The displayed webpage is good accessible for screenreaders. From this web page you can send and of course read messages from your iphone.

Audio recorder
probably the best app ever. It can record your incomming and outgoing calls automaticaly and store it on your memory. After that you can send it as a e-mail attachment or play it directly on your iphone. You dont need to remember dates, meetings or appoitments. Just play it from recorded history.

i wish you a good experiences with this tweaks. Hope it helps

Hi, thanks for a very

Hi, thanks for a very informative thread, I considered myself an experienced jailbreaker, but I didn't know about some of these tweaks,
in particular I didn't know about call controller or remote messages 8, and I knew about some of activators features but I didn't know it was that powerful that you could use it to assist with tracking trains.
One tweak I like is homekey hang up which lets you hang a call up with the home key, but if core controller lets you do that as well I think I will switch to using it.
it sounds very useful being able to answer calls with the home key as it can be annoying flicking round the screen looking for the answer button, I would like to set up an activator gesture for declining calls is this possible?


I use a tweak called unpower that plays a sound when your device is unplugged.

boot sound

I use a tweak called boot sound that can make your device play a sound when it is turning on or respringing. You can download soundpacks or pick and use your own .mp3 file.

Homekey Hangup

I've done a jailbreak of my iPad and am enjoying it, but had no intentions of jailbreaking my iPhone 6, until I saw this tweak mentioned. Does it work on iOS 8? In the Cydia description, it mentions only working with iOS 7.

I am using an iPhone 5s on 8

I am using an iPhone 5s on 8.1.1. I just installed HomeKeyHangUp, it worked even though on the description it says the requirement iOS 7.


Thanks so much for checking that out, Musicruz.

Another tweak I like is

Another tweak I like is icleaner pro, there are two versions of this tweak, the pro version offers more advanced features and is only available from the developers own repository. The pro version is free, but comes with adverts unless you pay to remove them, the standard version is available on the bigboss repository. I was able to get about an extra 2 gb of space to use with the pro version, because I was able to remove all the ios wallpapers, languages keyboards and dictionaries. I was also able to remove several types of images.
The pro version of icleaner can be got from this repository,
its always nice to have extra storage and to remove junk from ios we don't need.


Hi alex,
no, you can not decline a call with activator at this time. Or I dont know how to do that. You can decline the incoming call with a sleep button and also you can hang up call with this button. CallController is great for answering a calls. This function miss me so much on idevices, because in android there is default setings for this function.

Activator Assignments

Hi All,

I will make a post later with a list of the tweaks I am currently using on iOS 8.1.2, but for now I will share my Activator setup:

- Turn on 4G/LTE when unlocking the phone; turn it off when locking it. This way, my phone stays on 3G when locked, thus improving battery life.

- Turn off WiFi and BlueTooth at 12:00 AM, turn them back on at 7:00 AM.

- Turn off cellular data when connected to a WiFi network, turn it back on when disconnected.

- Play a sound when disconnected from power, when battery level reaches 100%, 20% and 10%. To do this I use a Tweak called ActiSound in combination with Activator, since Activator can no longer play ringtones on iOS 8.

- Double tap the Home button to activate the App Switcher instead of reachability, double press the Home button for Control Center and double tap the Status Bar for Notification center. This greatly improves one handed usability with VoiceOver.

- Double tap and hold individual app icons to open alternative apps, for example, I can open the Gmail app by double tapping and holding the Mail icon, open Chrome by doing the same on the Safari icon, Youtube with the Videos icon, etc.

- Set the screen brightness to 20% when the battery level drops below 10% and set the brightness back to 80% when the battery charges past 10%.

- Disable the power off function on the lock screen so the phone has to be unlocked to be turned off. I did this in case the phone gets stolen and the thief wants to turn it off to avoid tracking via Find my iPhone.

- Reset the home screen to the first page when unlocking the phone.

- Speak "BlueTooth keyboard connected" or "BlueTooth Keyboard disconnected" when these things happen.

- Press both volume buttons simultaneously to play/pause audio playback, press the volume down and then the volume up buttons to skip to the next track, press the volume up, then down buttons to skip to the previous track.

I hope that some of these ideas help make your iOS experience better.


more voice choices

Club AppleVis Member

Hi. When new voice engines like neospeech or speak is available, I'd jailbreak then, maybe.

To Vash Rein

I agree that the bug fixes are very tempting to update to the latest iOS, but Personally, They are not tempting enough for me to lose my jailbreak. For years of using an iOS, I'm so used to the bugs to the point that they don't bug me anymore. I just learn how to find a work around.

Reply To Imani

You're wellcome. I'm glad you've my post informative.

Quickly recover VoiceOver when it become unresponsived

1. Install "Active Command" and Activator," and then when it's done, respring your device.
2. Go to Setting>Active Command and on one of the edit fields Type: killall vot
3. Respring your device.
4. Go to Setting>Activator>Anywhere, select the gesture you want to use and select the "Active Command killall vot." Mine is set up to press the sleep and home button simultaneously.

Now, Every time that the VoiceOver lost the speech or become unresponsived; You can simply recover it with the gesture that you have assigned. The VoiceOver will turn itself off and off; It acts like it crashes, but the truth is the OS just unloading and reloading the VoiceOver from and to the RAM. The traditional way to toggle the VoiceOver is not going to work because When you turn off the VoiceOver, it is just suspending the process. In other words, The VoiceOver is inactive but still loaded in the RAM, so whatever problem you've had prior to VoiceOver issues would sill be present. Well, you can say that you could just simply press the sleep button 7 times in rapid succession and the device would respring and get the VoiceOver back, but why respring the entire springboard if the problem is only related to VoiceOver, right?

that is a very useful tip, I

that is a very useful tip, I sometimes have issues like this in cydia and in other apps and it can be very annoying to sort out often I have to do a hard restart buy holding down the home and power buttons for about 10 or a few more seconds.
The annoying thing with this is that you can't easily tell when the device has powered off, and if you hold the home and power buttons in two long your phone goes into recovery mode, there is a work around for finding out when your device powers off for sure but it involves plugging in a pair of headphones and listening for the pop sound when the device goes off but this isn't always easy to do in a noisy place so this method sounds much better.


hi can we easily save songs in our Iphone after jb? because without jb we cant save them we have to play from the chat window and can we easily send the songs that we have in our music without using idownloader or other file manajer? if yes then my biggest problem will be solved

Can you be more specific? Are

Can you be more specific? Are you trying to save the song that you have from WhatsApp do your music app? or are you trying to copy music from your computer to your iPhone without using iTunes?

iTouch Secure

The iTouch Secure tweak really got my attention. I installed it, however, I can't figure out how to get it to work. The info I found only mentioned that when logging into a site, as an example, that you only needed to enter in your password and iTouch Secure would save that and the next time you try to login, you could then use your finger print scanner. Is there something more that needs to be done for this to work properly? Thanks.

iTouchSecure Reply

No, that's all into it. you don't have to configure anything. For apps, once you have entered your correct password ones, the next time that you need to log-in to that app you just tap on the password field and then rest your finger on the sensor. You would not have any audible clue, unlike for the sighted people they have a visual effects to go by.

However, on the Safari the way it works is when you go to a web site that you have the Safari remember your password, The iTouchSecure will provide you and additional layer of protection by verifying that web site using your finger print or passcode. So if you could not verify the web site, it will not autofill the log-in user name and password.

one more thing I want to inform you about this tweak is that you can also use it to autoFill your password on the AppStore, so if you rebooted your device, you can still use your fingerprint to make a purchase.

I hope I have properly answered your question.

Can you use this tweak to

Can you use this tweak to auto fill your devices pass code or sim pin if your sim card is locked?
I have been looking for a tweak that would let me do this as it is quite annoying not being able to use touch id on reboot.

Is there any Activator written instructions?

App Developer

Musicruz I love the things you have done with activator but being a beginner in working with the app, is there any written instructions on how to set up some of the more difficult jesters? I know how to setup the simple ones but having activator do certain things based on other things is over my head. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Activator got updated

Hi. Just wanted to let you all know that Activator got updated a few days ago and now we have 2 new gestures we can use, power button with volume up button and power button with volume down button. I also tried to set activator to turn off data when connected to wifi and play a sound when leaving or joining wifi. The wifi actions were not working. This update has also fixed this.

Restarting VoiceOver

Thanks for the tip on restarting VoiceOver without respringing. I have set it up and will try it next time VoiceOver crashes, which happens to me all the time when I am looking at stuff in Cydia.

Activator questions

Hi. Is there a way to get activator to do stuff baced on where you are? If you can, how? Also, how do you set Activator to do stuff by what time it is? What do you install and is it accessible? Is there something that can close or kill all apps with an activator event? Also, what else can you do with activate command? I tried googeling commands for activate command, but got nothing.

Flex questions

How do you get flex to do stuff. I have stuff I want to do, but could not find a patch in the cloud that does it. For example, Shazam has a feature where it will tag a song every minute,, but it turns off after a while and I want to stop it from turning off. Also, the telus optic tv app does not run on jailbroaken devices, so I want to block it from looking for a jailbreak.

To Musicruz

Hi. I think you should do a post on all the stuff you do with activator and how you make it work.

To Jessica Brown

As far as location base Activator, There is no way you could do that that I know of. For the Schedule events, go to Activator>Anywhere, in app, locak screen, or home screen> on the upper left corner double tap on More. There you would see more Custom events, which one of them is for the schedule event.

In regards with Activate Command, That is base on shell command line, so if you know how to use the Terminal You can use Activate commands as if you are doing it on the Terminal. You can use Activate Command and Activator action in cojunction. You can use the "&&" signs, so you can have Activate Command to execute right after one action to another. To see the list of Shell Commands for Activator, you have to type "activator listeners" on the terminal to get all the available shell commands for Activator. This is really getting too technical. I'm trying my best to explain it as layman term as possible.
as far of Killing all apps using Activator, I used to use Smart Closed, but it hasn't updated to iOS 8 yet, and unfortunately, I don't know anything that could do that as of now.
For your Flex concerned, I couldn't find the Telus Optic Tv app on the App Store, so I'm not able to check if it possible to remove the jailbreak detection of the app.

If you guys want to know more about I do as far as jailbreaking is concerned, I would highly suggest you guys to follow me on Twitter @Musicruz. I usually post things about jailbreaking there.

work-around: How to use Touch ID when you restart your device.

Bypass, Activate Command and Activator
Note: After installing the ByPass tweak, you have to enter your passcode once on the lock screen to get Bypass enable.
1. enter the following on the Activate Command setting.
activator send com.bd452.bypass && sleep 0.5 && activator send libactivator.system.sleepbutton
then, Respring your device.
Go to Setting>Activator>At Lock Screen and select Double Press of home button and select the activate command. Then, restart your device, so you could test it out if everything is working properly.
When the phone is finished booting up, and you are now on the Lock Screen, simply double press the home button.
Now, you can unlock your device using Touch ID whenever you restart your device without entering your passcode.
How did I manage to bypass the passcode, but keep it secure?
Answer: By using Bypass, Activate Command and Activator, I executed to bypass the passcode and lock your device back. so you have the convenience of not entering your passcode without sacrificing the security of your device. in other words, Using only one Activator gesture, we're telling the Activator to trigger the Bypass tweak and then, press the sleep button.

Quick pass

I use quick pass. It's a tweek that turns off or on your password with activator or a switch in the settings app. However, even when the password is off, you have to re-enter it after a device restart. Is there a way I can get around this using bypass and activate command?

Try this

I am not sure if this will work, but i think if you set in activator to run that command with a touch of the touch id cencer at the lock screen instead of a double press of the home button you would save a step.

To Jessica Did you try the Guide?

No, you cannot use the Touch ID sensor when you restart your phone because iOS turn the sensor off until you enter your passcode. For QuickPass, the answer is still no. again, you need to provide the passcode when you restart the device. The way Bypass work; it saves your passcode on the keychain. Therefore, When you combine the Bypass tweak and the sleep button action, it supplies the passcode and then lock your device again, so even someone's has figured out that you have set up to bypass the passode on the lock screen, she or he wouldn't be able to use your device because It will always take them back to the lock screen.
If I werer you, I would try to use the guide to see exactly what I meant.

Good Luck!


This allows you to have the send button as the replacement for the Return button on the keyboard. and if you want to press the return button to go to the next line you can simply double tap and hold on the send button. The tweak works on the message app and the quick reply view; very useful especially for QuickReply view because for some reason, Apple decided to put the Send button on near on the top of the screen, which personally, it annoys the hell out of me.

To get this tweak, you have to add this to your repos, and look for ReturnToSender.

A few things.

I tried the bypass and quick pass thing and it worked. What guied are you talking about? And to get around the cencer being off until you enter your password, install virtual home and turn on quick unlock.

Activator on startup

Is there a way to get activator to run a command on device startup?

The Guide

Look at the Comment with the title "work-around: How to use Touch ID when you restart your device." I thought you have seen that one because after that comment you have replied on it.

Bypass and QuickPass, how can you securely execute that, so you would have the Touch ID enable when you restart your phone?


Yes I read every comment in this thread. And quick pass is not a touch id tweek. It's a tweek you can use to turn your passcode off or on when you do or do not want it.

shell commands at startup

Hi. Is there a way to make these shell commands run when the device starts up? So in other words, have the iPhone turning on be an activator event? I have just spent the whole day searching and found nothing. My other idea was to use the when an app is launched action, but springboard is not in the list of apps that can be used for this. Thank you.

Haptic Pro and EqualizerEverywhere

For Someone like me who cannot hear the typing clicks on my phone, the Haptic Pro app makes my phone vibrate every time I type a letter. It also works well with virtual Home 8, and double tapping. This tweak is a must. an absolute must. put it this way. its either that, or not know when I'm typing. in Cidia the tweek doesn't work, so i just assume I'm 'typing. another one I cant live without is EqualizerEverywhere. This lets me have the base, trouble mids etc adjusted system wide. It is a 16-band EQ with a preamp. Again a must for somebody who had bad hearing if you want to use headphones on your device. I've told the person who have helped me with this thanks, but in all honesty words do it no justice. I'm forever indebted just for those two things alone. Now i can actually enjoy podcasts without having to be connected to a mixer on my boombox with a big EQ like the ulta graphics Pro. music is so much easier cause I can understand the words better now, and VO is understandable if i'm reading mail etc. If it hadn't been for jailbreaking, i would not own this phone. I couldn't use it. it simply would not be possible. I'm more than greatful. Seriously, people who dont have a hearing impairment have no idea. they really really dont. Those are the two things I cannot afford to lose on my phone, ever. especially Haptic Pro. Losing those two things are not options.

how do you bring up the

how do you bring up the equalizer controls? I tried holding a finger and dragging to the left on the music controls in control center but this did nothing, the tweaks preferences talk about swiping left on music controls to bring up the equalizer controls.

Settings is your friend

If you go to your settings, you'll find EqualizerEverywhere in your apps with the rest of your cidia stuff. First enable it (you'll need to respring), then you can see all of the sliders to adjust things. If you disable it, when you re-enable it, it'll remember the settings you have set. although each band isn't labeled , the sliders are easy to adjust by swiping up and down on each band. To navigate to the bands, just flick right. Note that the first slider you come to from left to right is the Preamp. be careful when adjusting the Preamp! distortion can result if not careful. I turned off the auto preamp personally. something else to keep in mind. I found no way with VO to make a new preset, so had to have sited help to do that. The default presets are easy to access, and once you create one you can access your own with ease.

Best Way To Jailbreak?

What is the best way to jailbreak as a voiceover user? I'm thinking it's not free, I've tried on my own a couple of times already but everyone wannts donations.

Cost of Jail Breaking a Device

Although I have never jail broken my devices, I would just like to mention here that, should you jail break your device, you will void any warrantees and I don't think Apple will help when calling for assistance, either. As far as I know this is the case, anyway.