how to live in low power mode?

Does someone have an idea of how to keep the iPhone from turning off low power mode when you hit 80% charge? thanks


#1 You can't, but siri can enable it

Whilst I don't think you can achieve this, you can quickly and easily say to Siri, turn on low power mode.

#2 Low power mode

As far as I know, there isn’t a way to keep it on after it reaches 80% when charging. The only way to get it back on, once it reaches 80%, is to manually turn low power mode back on. If you have low power mode in your control center, you can swipe up with three fingers and turn it on easily that way. That’s all I know, sorry if it’s not that helpful. Good luck, if you can find someone else who might know more then you can get an answer or just call Apple themselves. They have an accessibility line you can call, if you have any kind of disability and use the accessibility settings. Good luck and I hope the info helps.

#3 why limit yourself

Low power mode turns off a lot of what most people use. Why would you want to do that? WiFi is one of those, for example. I use WiFi whenever it is available to decrease data usage.

#4 i don't use a lot of that.

I have unlimitted data. I don't need thee effects. and i don't use hey siri when i'm out. i've just really found no difference operating in low power and normal modes for me, so...

#5 No I don't see low power mode

No I don't see low power mode turning off Wifi. It just disables Background App Refresh, Push and Fetch, dynamic wallpapers etc. It reduces auto lock to 30 seconds and reduces some visual effects. Now, go to settings, find out all the things that Low Power Mode does and do them manually. You are permanently with Low Power Mode. Yeah it also says it reduces CPU usage which is something we can't do in settings. But that's not much a difference if most of the settings are made accordingly.

#6 LPM

LPM does not disable WiFi on my iPhone 6S.
However, just out of curiosity but not trying to be necly harsh here, why would you want low power mode on to start with?
I mean, it's plugged into power, so if you are planning to use LPM when it's not on power, LPM will always be disabled when you unplug it at 80%+.
Or if you want to keep LPM on, don't let it reach 80. charge it to say, 75 percent.

#7 Not entirely true.

Not entirely true.

I can have my phone on LPM at 100% and it never switches itself off.

The only time it'll prompt me to turn low power mode on is when the battery reaches 20%, and seeing as my phone is on charge most of the time, it's hardly ever needed.