How to rate apps in the app store

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Hi all.

I've tried from time to time to rate apps in the app store but have never been able to successfully do it.

Is there a podcast or a guide to how to do thisavailable?

There's a few apps like Weather Gods and Dice world I'd love to give a 5 star review too.

If anyone can give me some good tips I'd be much appreciated.

Thanks From Snowy.


#1 Rate App

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hi Snowyowl,

We (Weather Gods) have a link in settings for rating the app if that is at all helpful?

#2 Rate App

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hi All,

As it's in my interest for people to leave reviews :) I went through the process using voiceover, not the best experience, admittedly :(

Here's the steps I took from tapping the 'Rate App' button in Weather Gods (Settings)

1. Store
2. Weather Gods Image
3. Weather Gods Heading
4. Meyume Ltd
5. Price
6. Offers iMessage App Image
7. Offers iMessage App
8. Selected Details (1 of 3)
9. Reviews (2 of 3) - Select
10. Swipe to ‘Write A Review”
11. Sign in to iTunes
12. Swipe to Stars - Rate 1 to 5
13. Swipe to first text field - this is the summary for the review
14. Swipe to next text field, enter the review details
15. Swipe back to Send button and tap
16. All done!