How to save battery on my apple watch?

Hello. I have an apple watch. I would like some advice to how to save battery. Does playing music take much battery?


preserving battery

I have the first model of watch, and I find myself getting very god battery life, between one and a half to two days; in fact, some times i keep my watch on all the time, even while I'm sleeping, and just charge it for thirty minutes every morning while I take a shower and get ready for work. Of course, I don't spend very much time using my watch, so that might effect things.

These are the only settings on my watch that I can think of that might contribute to battery life. I keep my screen curtain on and my screen brightness at zero, this probably has the largest impact on battery. I also do not have my watch wake up upon rist raise. I did not turn this off to save battery, I just like it better because having to tap the middle of the screen to make voice over talk limits how offten the watch starts yelling by mistake; also, I find it more consistent to check the time with the watch set up this way, because if the screen is already awake when you raise your rist you have to make sure you tap the part of the screen that dissplays time.

Those are the only two settings I use on my watch that I think give it good battery life.