How to stop the notifications about do not disturb while driving

I have an iPhone 8 and at least three or four times a day I get a do not disturb while driving notification on my lock screen. While I’m glad such a feature exists, I will never need it (for obvious reasons, LOL). Double tapping to activate it does nothing, and I couldn’t find any way of stopping it elsewhere in the settings. Anyone know how to make this go away? Thanks


do not disturb settings

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To stop the do not disturb while driving notifications, open Settings > do not disturb. Under the, "Do not disturb while driving," heading, double tap activate and select manually.


Stopping Notifications - Settings to Manual is not enough

I learned from experience and from Apple support that it is not sufficient to go into Settings and turn Do Not Disturb while driving to "Manual". I did this when the setting firt came to iOS and was still getting the "Do Not Disturb While Driving" message on my locked screen when I was a passenger in a car.

As Apple Support explained to me, the "Do Not Disturb While Driving" notification that appears on the locked screen is actually sort of like an advertisement for the feature, or notification that it exists. You need to actually activate this notification on the locked screen so that Apple knows that you are aware of the feature. Once you have done this, then setting the "Do Not Disturb While Driving" setting to "Manual" will ensure that this notification does not appear on your locked screen again.

Hopefully future updates will make this clear since many users have trouble getting rid of this annoying notification.

Hope that helps.


The way I do it...


Select automatically> when connected to car Blue Tooth. Do not pair your phone with the car’s BT.

HTH and good luck.

Re: The Way I Do It

I have never connected my phone to the car's bluetooth and always had this message pop up on the locked screen until following the directions given to me from Apple Accessibility Support that I outlined in post #2 above. Maybe they will change this behavior in a future update because it can be confusing.


Do not disturb while driving

Why does this annoying notification have to pop up even when you’re a passenger? I think there should be a way for Apple to encode it so that it can to text whether you are a driver or passenger.

Haha, that's funny

How is Apple supposed to know whether you're sitting in the driver's seat or the passenger seat? It can only detect that you're moving faster than a walk, hence, it assumes you're in a moving vehicle, but it can't know whether you're driving or just riding in that vehicle.

I'm Not Getting This Now, I Don't Think

Thanks for this info. I was getting these notifications every time I'd ride paratransit and my iPhone was in one of my coat pockets. I asked around about it, but nobody here seemed to know how to shut them off. So I tried the original solution in this post and the driving notifications seem to be stopped for good. But I'll also try dealing with them when my screen is locked, if I start getting them again. I seem to be using paratransit more and more these days, so this should be a good reason. I have an iPhone 7.