How to transfer music to Iphone using Itunes?

Hello guys!

I am a new user of Iphone.
I need a step by step tutorial.
How to transfer music to Iphone using Itunes?

My windows is Windows 7, iTunes 12.0.1 and the iPhone is the 5s with iOS 8.12

I m beginner with iOS devices

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I'm not a beginner and I still can't figure it out

I posted a similar request over in the general chat forum. I've tried iTunes 12 with three different screen readers, NVDA, WindowEyes and JAWS. Though there is a nice set of keyboard shortcuts, most of them are for navigating to different places in the interface.
If someone on the AppleVis team uses Windows and regularly adds and deletes items from an iDEVICE using iTunes, a walk-through would be very helpful. Even simple things like pressing space to check an item seem to start a song playing instead of checking the box.
The scenario I imagine is this: you have a couple of songs, several apps and an audio book in your library that you want to listen to on your phone. What are the steps you take to accomplish this with iTunes 12 in Windows?
Or, you have about 80 apps on your phone that you no longer want. How do you use iTunes 12 to remove them from the phone but not your library?
I know how to do all the obvious stuff, like backing up the device (File-Devices, Backup) and how to search for anything (CTRL-F.) What I don't know is how to selectively move content on and off the phone with the new interface.

iTunes // Windows // Sync library

Hi Guys allot o apple users has asked the same request for the last couple years and to be honest the only differencial is the way how is show iTunes 12 version.
Just look for the last years on the forum and could help there not podcast how to do those process but is the same as when you sync music or tones.
if you are interested look into my profile and follow me on Twitter, right there I will be able to answer quickly your anserrts.
just to say the original post say he is new with iOS devices and who knows if already has authorize the windows PC or laptop already is very important give all possible details. take care.

An easy way to transfer music to iPhone

I found this recently and it makes it very easy to transfer music to my iPhone.

First plug your phone into your PC and iTunes should start.

Now, on your PC, navigate to the folder where you keep all of your music.

Inside that folder is a folder (put there by Apple) title:
"Automatically Add to iTunes"

Now if you want to put a particular album, track, or set of albums onto your iPhone, copy the folder for that album or track and paste it into the "Automatically Add to ITunes" folder.

Important Note: "copy and paste" **DO NOT** 'cut and paste"!!!

Items that you copy to that folder will sit there for a bit as they are being transferred to the iPhone and then, once transferred, they will disappear (be deleted) from that folder.

Using this method you don't even have to deal with the horrible iTunes interface. I can't believe Apple made that iTunes interface so nasty to work with. I used to think that just blind folks had trouble with it, but I've seen many sighted folks confused and lost too. It shouldn't be rocket science just to sync items from one place to another. why not make this easy for users?

Anyway, the method I described will hopefully make this process easier for folks.


why some of the file can't be copy?


This fine guide are useful, but why all of my mp3 coming from my PC can't be copy to my iPhone using that method? It says 'some of the music can't be copy because it cannot be played to your iPhone.'