How to use rs games client with the mac?

Hi everyone, I am new to the Mac and am trying to figure out how to use it. I can't find the documentation that tells how to play the games and what you need to press to do what. I also can't figure out how to turn down the music and sounds, or how to send messages. If anyone could help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much, Holly


I wass about to ask the very same

I have been looking for that tonight too. There doesn't seem to be a useable menu and hardly any of the commands for Windows, or the ones you might guess at work.

Hi Holly, You can find the

Hi Holly, You can find the documentation at There is a link to this on the download page, so not sure why you were unable to find it. The commands for the Windows client apply to the mac as well. For example, you can turn down the music with F3, and send a chat message with F2. Let me know if you are still having issues. Mike

can't seem to get these keyboard commands to work

Hi Mike, Thanks for the help. I read the readme file, but still can't get the keyboard commands you mentioned or those mentioned in the readme file to work. When I press F2 to chat for example, it changes the display brightness of my Mac. I even tried turning voiceover off and then doing it, but had no luck. I have a 2009 MacBook running Mountain Lion if that means anything.

using rs games on the mac

Hi firstly instead of the control key you need to use the command key in most instances. e.g. control b to open a url is command b. Also i think you need to either use the function or fn key to get your function keys to work correctly or change the setting so that the function keys work as function keys and don't change the brightness unless you use the fn key with them. to change the setting for how the function keys are used. 1. open system preferences. 2. interact with the scroll area and navigate to keyboard. 3. make sure the keyboard tab is selected. 4. check the box that says use all f 1 etc as standard function keys. now if you want to change brightness etc you need to use the fn key but otherwise the function keys will work as standard. I hope this helps.

Thanks Naria

This should definitely solve my problem! My function keys were doing the same thing. Happy playing.

Thank you very muchH

thank you very much for the suggestion of changing how my function keys work. It fixed my problem!Hi.

I wouldn't do that

I strongly recommend not doing that to your function keys. Why? All other macs are not going to have this, and eventually, you will get used to the different commands, which include starting voiceover. If you have trouble using other macs, I don't think it is worth not using the function key. I simply use fn+f2 to send a message and fn+f3 to turn down (or off) the music.

rs game and mac

Hi. what do you mean this isn't available on all macs? I have it checked on mine and simply use the fn key if i want to change brightness etc. Kind of confused. :)

What I mean is that this is

What I mean is that this is not default. Therefore, macs that aren't yours will most likely have the other function key layout. If you are like me in that you routinely use other people's computers for some reason, you will find that having two layouts is quite confusing.