howcan I get to the desk top on the Mac

how can I get to the desk top on the Mac?


The command is...

I believe the command you are looking for is VO plus Shift Plus D.

Greg Wocher

go menu

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you can also get to the desktop from the go menu in finder.

The go menu is slightly different

Accessing Desktop from the go menu takes you to the desktop folder inside your user account. This would be like accessing the desktop folder in one's user account in Windows which is different from pressing Windows+D to go to the desktop. On the Mac, if you have drives set to appear on the desktop, you won't be able to access them by going to the desktop folder from the go menu. However, you will by pressing Control+Option+shift+d, along with other items you've placed on the desktop.

informal survey

suppose you don't have any vision left and you can't see the screen, do you put anything on your desktop?

visually, you arrange your desktop so it looks good and it's easy to reach things you want with a click of the mouse, but does it help if you can't see? for me, there are better ways, such as keyboard shortcut and spotlight. my desktop only shows the hard drive, mounted files and drives and connected devices.