Is HQ Trivia accessible?

Does anyone here know anything about a gaming app called Hq trivia and its’ accessability status?


best way to find out

I know nothing about the accessibility of the app you are asking about. How about giving it a try and letting us know your findings? Thanks.

Is HQ Trivia accessible?

HQ Trivia is not 100 percent accessible. It is usable, but not accessible. There are numerous improvements they could implement to make it fully accessible.

For example, getting out of a specific portion of the app cannot be accomplished unless you exit the app and re open the app. Sometimes you can get stuck in a specific area and cannot get out of it because there is not a clearly labeled back button.

Each of the answers that comes up on the screen is essentially a picture of text. I believe they do this so people cannot directly copy text of the question and try and find the answer.

Depending on what version of IOS you have it will either say button for all 3 choices or it will attempt to OCR the answers. The best way to answer a question is to find the top button and swipe along as the host reads out the answers. To make a long story short the app is usable, but not accessible. A work around needs to be implemented to play the game, but it can be done successfully. I am a frequent player of HQ trivia as well as quite a few individuals I know. It is fun when you figure out how to use it with VoiceOver. If you would like more tips post on this thread or as the previous response says download it and give it a try and as you have questions we can definitely answer them.

Hello, thank you for your

Hello, thank you for your reply to my question. Yes, I noticed the pin accessibility issues with HQ trivia. The buttons are not labeled and they are a bit confusing to try to locate during the question reading. Like you said, it can be done, but it could be certainly improved. Perhaps if someone wrote to the developer and suggested these things. Hopefully, someone will soon. In any event, it is a fun and interesting game. I played for the first time last night, and, even though I didn’t win, I enjoyed it. Will keep on trying to get the hang of the game as it stands now. I hope at some point they do make the necessary improvements/ability.

why don't people search in

why don't people search in the app directory first rather than creating a new forum topic asking is such and such an app accessible. there is an entry for hq trivia already in it, where these issues are discussed at length. as it happens I have tried contacting the developer and received no direct response as have many others, when I tweeted the UK game host I got a response from her and from the developer saying that this would be worked on but I don't think they are serious as several versions have come out since then with no improvements. my biggest problem is the stupid chat feature it seems impossible to get rid of it with VoiceOver, and its very hit and miss if I can find the buttons for the answers, I can't do it consistently. I am all in favour of helping people on this site I just think people should try doing a search before asking questions or opening new forum topics.

Excuse me, but I am new to

Excuse me, but I am new to this site, from the standpoint of posting forum topics. I did not realize there was already a thread in existence in the app directory. I am sorry. I will try not to do this again, so as not to annoy anyone else. Thank you.

my apologies I didn't know

my apologies I didn't know you were new, I get quite frustrated when I see a lot of people asking the same questions time and time again or starting new forum topics when a little bit of searching would give them answers they needed. welcome to the site and I hope you can get lots of useful information from it. the search feature is quite powerful and allows you to search by keyword then you can filter your results down by what your looking for, things like forum topic, app directory entry etc, its a very good way of searching for information that might already be present on the site.

I agree with Alex

Alex feels that we should do more for ourselves to find out if apps are accessible, and I agree. I will go farther by stating that we, if we want better accessibility, should contact developers ourselves, as Alex has done, rather than suggest that someone else do it. People: Do some of this stuff yourself rather than relying on someone else. If you don't, it will not get done. This is known as independence.

Look, I don’t know who you

Look, I don’t know who you are, or who you think you are, but for your information, I was not asking anyone to do anything for me, as you say. I was merely asking a question about whether or not anyone new in this app accessibility. I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t make assumptions or judgments before you get to know someone, is that the way this list operates? If so maybe I should sign off right now.

Hi sportsfreak, you have my

Hi sportsfreak, you have my apologies for how I reacted to your original post, after all we have all been new in places at some point and not been familiar with how to search or accomplish things and in that event I like helping people to make the most of available resources.
However I can understand why charles made the assumptions he did,
if I can quote you from your third post in this topic
"Hello, thank you for your reply to my question. Yes, I noticed the pin accessibility issues with HQ trivia. The buttons are not labeled and they are a bit confusing to try to locate during the question reading. Like you said, it can be done, but it could be certainly improved. Perhaps if someone wrote to the developer and suggested these things. Hopefully, someone will soon."

I suspect that above part of your post lead him to respond to you in the way he did, I would be interested in knowing though do you have a consistent way of locating the buttons as I find it very hard especially once the question starts being read. we are all about sharing information and ideas around here, I guess it can't hurt if you also write to the developer and try tweeting them as well if you use twitter.

I do have the right to voice my agreement wito responses

Sports Freak: I agree with what Alex said, and I have the right to voice this fact. My reply was to the list, not to a specific poster. What I meant, in case you missed it, was that we all, as individuals, should contact developers to get accessibility built into their apps. There is no need for you to leave, and there is also no need to jump down my throat for agreeing with someone else's post to a thread. If I agree with someone, I will continue to state my agreement. I also notice, and thank Alex for his reasoning as to why I posted my thoughts. He is correct as to why I posted. It was caused by your statement that someone should write to the developer. If you say that "someone should", this indicates that you will not. And, frankly, you should, and others should do so as well. I hope this coears the dispute up?

Hi there Alex. Yes, I do

Hi there Alex. Yes, I do appreciate your help and your feedback on the subject. I’m sorry if I gave the wrong impression that I was not capable of doing things for myself, it wasn’t my intention at all. But, nonetheless, it’s not a good idea to make assumptions either. Esther the buttons on the HQ trivia, like you said they are difficult, but they can be found. It is very hard, once the questions are begun to be read, what you basically have to do is start from about the middle of the screen on your iPhone and swipe down, there are three buttons in a line, straight down the row. Each one represents excuse me, meant to say row, not Road, but, the buttons are in a line. So, if you swipe down from button to button, each one represents one of the answer choices to the question being asked. Like you said, it’s pretty difficult, but not impossible. Perhaps I will send a message to the developer, asking them about accessibility concerns. I often hesitate doing this, because, sometimes it’s very hard to know just how the screen is laid out, and how the interaction would take place, meaning what to tell the developer, to make the screen more accessible. Anyway, anyway, thank you very much for your responses.

Hi sports freak, that's

Hi sports freak, that's interesting so your saying the buttons are laid out vertically in other words straight up and down rather than across?
if so, nobody has stated that as far as I know before. If what I am assuming is correct, does turning your rotor to vertical navigation then flicking up and down with one finger make it easier to locate the buttons? I might have to give this a go in case it helps. Before now I have been assuming the buttons were laid out horizontally on screen. I have also found that if I flick away from the buttons it can be very hard to get focus back to them, but this could be because of my horizontal assumption, but that chat feature is seriously annoying as well as being totally inaccessible.

Hi there Alex, not sure about

Hi there Alex, not sure about the vertical navigation in the rotor, I’ve never tried that. Not even sure I know exactly how to do it. But yes, if you wake up and down between the buttons, you do have access to them. Like you said the chat thing is annoying, even though I’ve never actually gotten into it. I did see the join option once, but wasn’t sure what it was for. I guess now I know. Anyway, hope this information, as little as it is, helps you out. Let me know if I can help him in any other way. And thanks again, for your kind responses.

The chat can be swiped away

The chat can be swiped away by using three finger flick left to get back to the main screen. I agree that there are a couple of things that they could do to make it more accessible. It would be helpful to label the buttons with each answer rather than relying on OCR because OCR doesn't pick up the text all the time. Sometimes, you have to flick around to get it to pick up the text. the other things is making the question readable by Voiceover. When the announcer begins reading the question, sighted people can read the question in its entirety and pick an answer before the announcer finishes reading everything.

HQ Trivia

Hi all,

I'm guessing HQ Trivia is not labeled over here still?

I am now on android, and it is either labeled on android, or Talkback's speak element ID's setting is so good that I can read both the question on screen and the three answers, and the answers read as though they were labeled.

I can also press the back button on any screen.

so what other live trivia

so what other live trivia games do you play ahsan khan that are accessible? are there actual prizes like with hq trivia? I still don't get how hq trivia is a viable business long term given that they don't have adverts or mention sponsors I really don't understand long term why anyone is giving them money for prizes.

to alex wallis

hi Alex Wallis,
HQ actually has done sponsored games in the passed
they did one with oceans 8, the voice, Nike, NBA finals sponsored by toon blast, ready player 1, and Dwayne the Rock promoting his up-coming movie.
So they are funded by those things

As for other trivia games,
I play MajorityRules:
This game is unique, Your answer is correct if the majority of the players chose the same answer as you.. You actually type your answer
you get 10 questions and 15 seconds to answer them

an example of a question is: what is an item that people usually have two of?
If I typed laptop, and 91% of the people had the same answer, I would be moving on
If I typed cell phone, and 5% of people answered the same, I would be eliminated.
Now if I answer the next 9 questions correctly, I will get an extra life for future use.

Another game I play is genius. Although they have been looking for a new host so they are not playing
This one you only answer 5 questions.

There is also the Q, but the borring hosts make me not want to play it.

The arina, is similar
you pick a mob, lets say grapes vs apples, and you choose apples.
lets say you answer all 10 questions and the apple mob has the highest percentage of people, your mob will get double the prize

there is also hangtime, and joyride which are supposedly accessible.
If you like sports, you may also want to try HQ sports. Same app, just follow them on twitter @HQSports and they'll notify you when a game is about to start.

HQ survey

please fill out the survey at
and don't forget to mention the accessibility problems we've been having, thanks

thanks for all the great

thanks for all the great recommendations, I just think hq don't care about there app being accessible after all they have so many players they don't need to care, I have been able to get hangtime to work but I had I think it was two or three visual questions last game I played, obviously its not fair to expect them to not do any visual questions, still a bit annoying given that hq don't. I can't find the games arena, genius or the q, but I did find majority rules so will give that a go. unfortunately I can't get through the sign up process, I enter my phone number but nothing happens when I tap send code I have tried varying how I enter my phone number with the international code etc, I am in the UK does this mean I can't play majority rules?


After you hit send code wait a minute or two. I did give hq feedback on there survey about accessibility issues we’re having and I encourage others to do the same. I think they have a support phone number as well

How do I send links

I tried copying the links but it only displays the app name when i paste it in

so with majority rules do I

so with majority rules do I need to enter my cuntry code etc? when I enter a phone number and press send code nothing seems to happen the phone number I enter remains on screen and I get no confirmation saying a code has been sent etc. I have tried entering my number both with and without the country code and trying all the variations I can think of with no luck, which leads me to think maybe its only playable in the US.

Hi, OK I really don't

Hi, OK I really don't understand how to input my number correctly, the app gives no guidance on the correct format, could you give me an example of how to format it?
and what do you mean make sure there are dashes between the numbers? I can't seem to input a dash into the number box, when I try with my bluetooth keyboard it throws the dash character out, and if I turn my keyboard off and use the on screen keyboard I have no option to enter a dash even when I select the shift key option though I do have options for things like semicolon and comma.

Doesn’t it input dashes

Doesn’t it input dashes automatically when you input your number?
Example would be area code dash 3 digits, dash last 4 digits
For example 657-995-2222

I found that it does insert a

I found that it does insert a space after the first 5 digits then there is the rest of the number, but it still doesn't send the code, I am thinking this app doesn't work outside the US and canada maybe.


Is Joyride accessible over here?

I'd really like to know, considering that answering questions is inaccessible here on android.

to Alex, I'm pretty sure that

to Alex, I'm pretty sure that it is available in the uK. If it wasn't your app store wouldn't have it.
I also had trouble when I was entering my phone for the first time but somehow I got it to work
Try turning VO off and then pressing the send button. I also had to wait a minute or two for the code to send
You can also contact them @majorityrules1 regarding this issue