Hulu Problems

‪I'm currently having problems with the Hulu app on iOS. When I double tap on most all UI elements (such as buttons, Etc), nothing happens. I am using the latest version of the Hulu app.‬


App is now totally inaccessible


I'm using an iPhone 6S with iOS 10.3. Ever since updating my Hulu app a few weeks ago, the accessibility is now completely broken. Voiceover now reads nothing except Page 1, page 2, etc on the opening screen. I did get a message that said swipe to start, but after I double tapped that, now all Voiceover reads in the bottom left hand corner of the screen is page numbers to swipe through.

Does anyone know how to contact Hulu about this problem?

Hulu doesn’t work

I have the same problem, here’s the phone number I found for hulu ‭1 (888) 631-4858‬. they do not know either what is going on. They think their app is 32 bit.

I've been having the same issue

I've been having the same issue ever since September. At first I just thought it was a small bug, and it would work itself out, but that didn't work. So I just canceled my subscription. Then again I also left feedback as for why I canceled my subscription. I've also heard that their service is pretty bad. Whether or not that is true. I have no idea.

Hulu 5.9 for iOS still doesn’t work

login works welcome screen comes up and it says swipe for next page. Screenwitter doesn’t read anything, and there’s nothing to exit cute no links. This is been persistent since iOS 10.3 and with this latest version of 5.9 it’s still doesn’t work.

same problem still occurring

I find that using the Hulu app on anything other than an Apple TV doesn’t work. You are able to hear the options such as movies or news, but you are unable to select them. I heard that there is a way to truncate the Apple TV app so you can have the amenities of the Hulu app? I don’t know how that works either especially when you subscribe to live TV through Hulu. it’s too bad you can’t use the follow focus option that you have available through the router on the TV. That solves this problem.