I love my iPhone 6S+ but...

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I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, so I'll just put it here.
A few months ago I thought my iPhone 6S+ was the coolest device in the world. I thought I wanted that bigger screen. But I soon realized how much bigger this phone is compared to my iPhone 5. I soon discovered I couldn't put this new phone in my jeans pocket, and I would always have to find a pocket big enough to fit the device. And being a girl, well, I just don't have big pockets, and the purse I got didn't help matters very much. I also discovered that, because I have very small hands, the device doesn't fit in my hand comfortablly. It's much heavier than my old iPhone, and I consider myself a hard-core gamer, so holding the phone and playing games is not fun.
Last week I watched that Apple event where Mr. Tim Cook announced the iPhone SE which has the same new features as the 6S and 6S+. Apparently it has the 4 inch display. Now I realize too late that just because you want a bigger screen, it doesn't mean it will be better in the long run. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when buying an iPhone, or any product, you should think logically about why you want that product. I feel that wanting a phone with a bigger screen was a decision I wish I didn't make. And now it's too late to downgrade. Does anyone else think the iPhone 6S+ is too big? Do which you had stuck with the 4 inch display? Or at least have bought the 6S? I miss the 4 inch display.


Mixed Feelings

I definitely understand where you're coming from. I switched from the iPhone 6 to the 6S Plus and it really took some getting used to. Fortunately I never adopted the skinny jean look that lots of other dudes have so I've never really had an issue fitting it in my pockets. Most women I know with it though have experienced the same thing you have.
It's also a bit difficult to type one handed. When I hold it in my right hand I sometimes have a hard time reaching over to the left side with my thumb and I've gotten really close to dropping it many times doing that.
The main reason I got was for the battery life which is really good on this giant phone. Now that I'm used to the big size it feels totally natural. I think this is why it's good to go test and try out different devices. Just because someone likes one size doesn't make it right for everyone. This is why I love having choices when it comes to size.
For me the 6S Plus is a great fit but that's certainly not the case for everyone. Sorry you're stuck for the time being!

1 size doesn't fit all

My wife and I both got the 6s plus because of the battery life and decent speaker.
I consider my hands average or slightly smaller but, I've gotten used to it. My wife also has small hands but, she loves it.
I like holding it verses the narrow, vertical iPhone 5 I had previously.
It's definitely not a phone for small pockets though so I can see why that would be an issue.
The good thing is that now, there are several phone sizes to choose from and I'd definitely recommend going to the apple store even if you don't plan on getting your phone there and checking them out to see which 1 would fit you best.

I briefly considered the + iPhones, but opted for the 6S.

I thought about getting the + sizes, but when I saw them at the AT&T store, I immediately decided against it. Having a bigger battery doesn't matter to me as much as some--I carry around a portable battery as a matter of principle--I really need it with my 4S, which doesn't hold a charge for too long these days. I also carry my phone on my hip with one of those case/clip combos, and doing that with one of the + phones would be interesting, to say the least. I'm lucky if I break 100 LBS, so my waist would be completely taken over by the phone lol. My hands also felt engulfed by the + phones, and I couldn't get comfortable with the phone. It was just too much phone for me to deal with. I opted for the 6S instead. My new black 128 GB 6S is supposed to be coming today, and I can't wait!

I wish there was something you could do about your situation, Molly. It must suck to be stuck with a giant phone! I'm sorry you're not happy with it! Maybe could you trade the + with a family member, if you're on a family plan, and use another upgrade, if it's available?


I love my 6+

I love the size of my 6+. I have never liked small phones. Even back in the day when phones like the Motorola Star Tac were about. I always feel like I am going to break them. I also am old enough to remember using cordless phones so the size does not bother me. I am also better at typing on the bigger screen. When I had a 3gs I never did get very good with typing on it.

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Size really does matter

When I got the iPhone 6, I was upgrading from a 4, with a 3.5: screen. The 6 felt huge, and the 6S Plus even bigger. I am used to the 6 now, but, when I compare its size to my iPod Touch 6, a 4" device, I am drawn to the iPhone SE when it's time to consider an upgrade. I am a big guy, with big hands. But I don't need a phone as big as this. I could be happy with the Se.

That said, once I got over the size increase, I have come to be quite comfortable with the 6.

Hello Molly.

What about buying a coat with big pockets? You could go to a store and try the coats on and put your IPhone in the pocket to see if it will fit. Or if you are on a contract, you could save up a bit extra and pay off the contract quicker. There is one more thing you could try, this would leave you with no phone for a little while but you could consider selling it on Ebay or another site like that.

Want to trade phones?... Just

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Want to trade phones?... Just kidding.
I asked my sister if she wanted my phone, and she was totally like no way. I'm gonna talk to mom about maybe switching to a smaller phone. After all, I have only had this phone for four months. I used to be able to clip my iPhone 5 to my waist... Those were the good old days.

Prefer the big one

I got a 6S Plus primarily for the battery life. As this is both my personal phone and my work phone (the latter via a constantly running SIP client during my work day), I needed that big battery. I'm a guy with rather large hands though, and I've quickly gotten used to the larger size. Using my iPod Touch feels cramped now. I don't think I'd want it any larger, however. I've seen some of these six-inch Android phones such as the Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy Note and, large hands or not, those would be just too darned big. I have an Apple leather case on it (no need for an Otterbox anymore) and use the Executive Products leather belt case to cart it around when I'm working. I'll keep the big one, and that's not something I'd ever thought I'd say.

I'm sure you can trade you 6s

I'm sure you can trade you 6s+ for a good price. Then you can buy a smaller iPhone SE, or whatever you need. Of course this only applies if you're not forced to stay with it because of your contract.