I’m just curious what is everyone looking forward to when iOS 13 comes out?

With all of the previous versions of iOS , Each time they have came out I was always intrigued with the new features. But with iOS 13 coming out later this year I cannot wait. I am just curious to see what you guys have to say and what you’re looking forward to when it comes out later on this year. b


I am looking forward to a

I am looking forward to a feature which I know exists in the beta but cannot talk about due to the rules. I think such topics are unnecessary because of this.

before debates form

AppleVis states that features that are or not released by Apple can be freely discussed, with the exception that no bugs or tech support/guidance can be given.


Oh then I'm sorry about the previous comment. I am looking forward to being able to adjust which sound voiceover plays and which it doesn't.

That is coming

You'll be able do that, look in my post called "A list of features introduced in iOS 13" for a bit more information.

button labeling

I'm excited for the Ai. and button labeling. I'm not sure how much it'll help, but maybe it'll make some apps that are inaccessible now accessible. Maybe not 100%, & maybe it'll make apps that have just a few unlabeled buttons, 100% accessible.
I look foward to hearing the new Siri voice, but I'll be using it only on Siri. I like Ava Enhanced too much to part ways.

Also, I hear there's going to be a way to delete apps if you have a pending update or have recently installed 1. Seen it in an article on Lifehacker.

I'm looking forward to Usb. drives support. I'm not sure if I'll get it on my mini 4, but a girl can dream!

I also think it's cool that the accessibility settings are being moved to the top. It'll be nice if I have 2 use someone's deviee to not have to tell them to hop on 1 foot, touch your nose & spin in circles so to speak. lol

I know this isn't part of ios. 13, but 1 feature I'd like to see is to have certain apps be able to override do not disturb. I'd like to have the option to be able to toggle on/off certain apps to override Dnd. & give notifications like Weather Gods or other weather apps. For example. Maybe even let you choose what notifications if any can override. Like for example, if Weather Gods had this option, you could say severe weather alerts override Dnd. but nothing else.

Last but no least, I'm looking forward to not having to have to go into settings and going through the steps to select a wifi network. In Sep. all I have to do is go to the control center hit the wifi icon & bam I'm connected!

Dictation Accuracy

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I've been away from iOS for two years and have just come back, having purchased an iPhone 10XR. I seriously hope they work on dictation accuracy, as right now it is downright horrible. I don't remember it being this bad when I ditched the iPhone back in 2017. Here's hoping.

new features

It is nice that many features are coming out within voiceover but I think for a while many will use them and later stop. People probably will return to what they feel OK. The only think I will use %100 is the Siri voice if she works. The other nice features probably not. I am OK with how I use my iPhone xx today.

disappointing siri voice

hi why is everyone bowled over by the new siri voice? it is exactly the same as what they currently have!!!! no real difference in my view. just my thoughts. look forward to when it comes out. I would try the public beta, and yes I said "public" beta, lol but hear it a right mess if someone wishes to private message me to tell me otherwise that's fine but my XR is my only iPhone


Did you heard the voice??????????? The quality is much better and sounds more human.

reading books in braille

hi, while i don't want a direct answer as NDA, how is reading a braille display in ios 13? if i have to stop at the bottom of a page and press a chord just to load the next page, i feel that will detract from reading a book, or is this just me? i guess i am spoilt with the speech just auto-turning pages.


Well you did not listen to all. She sounded different. They did both siri. Get yor hearing check.

Uncalled for

Holger, English may not be your first language. It was not on you to tell someone they need their hearing checked, because they disagree with your view. I, in my own view, also do not like the new siri voice. Should I need my hearing checked? You were rude. You should apologize.

it the same

they sound the same except a few pitch changes, not a nice voice, they just remodeled existing voice

Will I agree

There is little to no difference. Obviously others like it, so I wouldn't put it or anyone down.


I also have some hearing problem and I was able to tell the difference between the new siri.I could tell how both sounded. Yes my first language is not English and your point is?

Language is not the point?

Please understand, you were rude. Plain and simple. English had nothing to do with it. I simply suggested you apologize for suggesting someone get their hearing checked. The fact you have a hearing problem, I did not know, nor does it need to be explained any further. Do you understand now?

RE: it the same

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Hello, does this remodelling of the voice go across all Siri voices or just the one demonstrated at WWDC?

VO speech out put

I like to have VO speech output like on the mac,
IE music on A bt speaker and VO sounds coming from the iphone speaker

query braille

i am not interested really in the new siri voice i use alex anyway, smile, but if i use a braille display has that improved in ios 13 with regards auto-turning the pages as i read? thank you and we will agree to disagree about siri and the voice, we all have own opinions. one person likes new UEB braille for example and one may not. ea? to his own, personal choice. moving on ...

Favorite features

It will be so nice to be able to create and log in to accounts just by using face recognition.
Our phones will also learn our schedule and charge accordingly to keep the battery in good shape.

voice control

I'm deffenetly looking forward to voice control. I'm curious about keyboard shortcuts though. Will they just work while you have a bluetooth keyboard connected, or will it work with braille screen input or the normal keyboard as well?