I made a FULLY accessible Reddit app for iOS. It's free, ad-less, and I need beta testers!

App Developer

Hey all,

In the classic new user fashion, I'm not sure if this is the right section or even right website to post so let me know if I should post it somewhere else. The /r/blind community over on reddit reminded me of AppleVis.

This is a long post so here's a quick too long didn't read: I built a reddit app, it's fully accessible through VoiceOver and supports dynamic type, and it's totally free and always will be. Here's a YouTube demo of me using VoiceOver on AskReddit albeit slowly. I need help beta testing before I go official and launch it. If you want to help, I would appreciate if you signed up over on TestFlight.

Okay, summary over. Long discussion of features and morals to follow.

I LOVE reddit and honestly I don't know where I'd be without it. It's saved my life in ways I don't think I can begin to even talk about here. Anyways, I discovered recently (or more aptly two years ago) that no reddit apps on iOS really support accessibility/voice over well and frankly that's kinda crap. I decided to fix that, so I've built my own reddit app and called it Dystopia.

It's not super pretty but it gets the job done and really that's what matters. The design is kind of draconian and is just lists everywhere (hence the name) but this makes it easy to navigate. In terms of features, however, I think Dystopia has it where it counts.

Special Accessibility Features

  • Properly Voice Over navigable, with custom actions galore. Elements are in a logic, "most important" first order so that you can skim or wait for full details if you care. Any action that's available to sighted users is available over Voice Over
  • Dynamic type (all the way up to the max accessibility font size)
  • Raise suspected transcription comments to the top. With this setting (under the Accessibility settings menu of the app), detected transcriptions will be raised to the top comment automatically. If you aren't familiar with this on reddit, there's a pretty big community effort from /r/transcribersofreddit where volunteers transcribe image posts in the comments so blind, low-vision, or firewalled people can enjoy it.
  • Configurable: you can auto-hide visited posts so you don't have to dig through pages of old content to find new stuff. If you have reddit gold, viewed posts sync between the web and Dystopia.

General features

  • Multi-account. I have like six reddit accounts so this was super important for me.
  • No ads ever. I hate ads with a passion. Absolutely under no circumstance will this app have ads.
  • Configurable: Prompt to open reddit links off the clipboard
  • Play certain video links in the built in iOS player instead of redirecting to the browser. Presently this is just v.reddit.com but in the future I'd like to add YouTube assuming google doesn't smite me.
  • Configurable: Automatically open links in Safari reader mode
  • Configurable: anonymity filter which hides your username everyone the UI. If you’re using screen curtain not exactly useful but it’s nice otherwise if you use the app a lot in public and would rather strangers/friends/family didn’t know your reddit username
  • All the regular reddit stuff you'd expect like voting, posting, commenting, sending PMs, stalking people's profiles, you know the drill.

Beta notes

So this may all sound pretty nifty but I do have to warn you that this is beta software. There will be weird bugs. I'll do my best to fix them so long as you let me know in some form or another.

Still interested? You can sign up to join the beta so long as you have any iOS device running iOS 9 or higher. Sign up here on testflight.

About me

Anyways, if you all care about who I am that's nifty I suppose! I'm seventeen, live out in Colorado, and am a current high school senior who is drowning in the college process. I should be writing college essays right now but I'm doing this beta instead (sorry mom and future me). I've been learning to program since oh god like 2007 but I've only gotten really good in the past four or five years.

I originally got hooked on reddit back in 2011 when rage comics were still cool (really were they ever?) and never left because the community was so great and it really had a sub for everything. Since then it's been my main go to whenever I have programming problems, need some laughs, or have some personal issues I just need to talk about. It's saved me, and I want to make sure that everyone gets the same out of my favorite site that I have. I hope this helps!


I'm in.

I'm interested in signing up for this.
I personally think that the Native Reddit app can use some work. Just to post a forum last time I tried was near impossible.

Hell yes!

All I can say is that. I’ve been wanting this for a while, so this is great news for me.

I’m already on my way to signing up for this.

At last, the time has come!

Wow can't believe this is happening.
I like reddit. i'm not a pro reddit user, But i have a few sub reddits in my watch list and i read a lot of useful stuff from the site. It is really a great community.
I currently use apollo app but that one has a huge issue, you need to swipe your finger 8 times to go to the next comment imagine if you had to read 35 comments. you do the math.

Also that's amazing. if only more young developers cared for accessibility or at least knew about it at all.

Signed Up Last Week

I heard about this on Twitter. I signed up for this a few days ago. I'm really looking forward to testing this app.

I submitted a form to sign up

I submitted a form to sign up, though I am not sure if my form got submitted because of the vpn I am on, if the developer is reading this could you have a search to see if my form went through? if you search for my name all one word that's part of my email address so hhopefully that will tell you if I did or didn't submit my form properly.
also, does the client support account creation or must that be done through the redit website? when I used to have an account I remember I had a lot of problems signing up because of captchas I think, and in fact I deleted my account because of horrible accessibility, still I will be interested to give it another look.

I signed up too

I am so excited about this project and can’t wait to get my hands on it.
The most accessible Reddit app I know of is BaconReader. It does most things but is a bit fiddly sometimes. I’d love to be more involved with Reddit but haven’t done too much on the site because of the interface. This gives me a lot of hope!! thank you!!

Might need to try again

App Developer

Didn't seem to make it in there, try submitting it again?

Unfortunately I can't do much about the captchas either however I believe Reddit has moved to Google reCaptcha which supports audio captchas.

OK will resubmit,

OK will resubmit, unfortunately audio captchas don't seem to work at all under ios I have no idea why, still hopefully should be able to work around it, annoyingly I lost my user name I had as redit say you can't reuse user names once you delete an account seems stupid but I suppose I can understand why to avoid impersonation etc.


I have also submitted my entry via Google Forms. I've never used Reddit before, but I've been hearing good things about it.


Hype traaain all aboooooard

The App Is Great

The app is pretty cool. What's not cool is that I may now be addicted to Reddit LOL

Beta has not yet been sent

App Developer

The beta has not been sent yet to people who signed up here on AppleVis. If you signed up last week on the reddit post in /r/blind you will already have received the invite.

I am currently working through fixing bugs reported from the first beta and after that I will send out a new beta which includes everyone who signed up here. Stay tuned!

hey thankss!

I'm really glad you are doing this for us!

creating account

hi all, as per the last comment you can only sign in to reddit, not actually signup? very strange.

That's pretty cool.

Readit has been something I've been wanting to use for a while, but never really did.


Dystopia has gotten me back on Reddit. I had an account but forgot the log in info plus I had to deal with the horrible accessibility. Now I'm addicted to the /r/DystopiaForRedit subreddit.


I hope you're still accepting beta testers. I filled in and submitted the form.
Thanks for making this app! I think you should charge a small fee, just in principle, but 'm sure you have good reasons for keeping it free.

One question: Why name it Dystopia?

Just Accepted Invite...

I just accepted my invite and got both TestFlight and the beta version of Dystopia. This will be my first time helping to beta-test something, but so far so good. TestFlight seems to work great with VoiceOver. I will probably not be as active during the beta process due to outside commitments but will do my best. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to testing your app. I wrote down my Reddit log-in details so this shouldn't be a problem.

Is this a thing?

I submitted the google form and have heard nothing. is this still a project?

Yes it definitely is, we

Yes it definitely is, we recently began using a fourth beta and its working very well, the developer said he hopes its going to be the last beta before the app goes live to the appstore, but he hasn't said when that might be. it works very well, also a suggestion for anyone using the reddit website its worth disabling the new reddit and switching it back to the old reddit website.

I've been using the new

I've been using the new reddit since joining last year and haven't had any problems with it.

With that said, you'll have to get use to it eventually, or use the app once it's released.

Somehow I doubt they'll keep the old design once everything's working on the new one.

I found using the new reddit

I found using the new reddit layout difficult as I couldn't click on a lot of links, but actually I pretty much never use the website now that dystopia is under development.

added responce.

Hi, I added a response, very excited. I love how you are making this accessible, and also inclusive for everyone! Thanks! I'll be giving you loads of feedback!

Status as of March 2019?

Hi Sal, I'm looking for an accessible Reddit app and just stumbled across this. I'm very interested. Is this project still happening in some form or other?

Still going strong! I'm

App Developer

Still going strong! I'm getting ready to push the fourth beta, I've added quite a lot of features since October as well. I forgot to switch out the Google Form link but it's now a simple link that you can just click to join the beta instead of needing to wait for me to add each person individually.

readit app

hi their i just came across this post and signed up via testflight and love this app. thankyou so much for creating a readit app for IOS, I've always had a hard time navigating that site with a mac because some of the posts are not labeled properly.