I need a app developer

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Hi, I am developing an app and I need to creat App Icons. How can we do this if we are blind?

Please let me know.



I wish I could help, but...

I wish I could help, but let's be real here. I can't. My advice is to try and find a blind iOS dev and ask them what they'd do.

Are you still looking for a way to create App Icons?

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Hello. Are you still looking for a way to create App Icons? If yes, please let me know a bit more about what you are doing, such as are you working in xcode and, if yes, what version of xcode are you using. Also, is your app targeted for a certain device, such as iPhone or iPad? If you're not using xcode, then please let me know what tools are you using to make the app I am a sighted mobile app developer (new to making mobile apps accessible) and may be able to help you think through a way to meet your goals.

i'm having the same problem

I'm a blind app dev, and I'm wondering how I can make the app icons myself. Right now I had to have someone else draw the icons for me, but that's not going to work long term.

Please send a bit more info...

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Hi, techluver. Would you please let me know a bit more information about what you are doing. For example, are you working in xcode? Have you made any apps already that I could look at to get a sense of your work? Does it matter to you that the icons look good? I'm asking because if you are developing for blind users, then you'd just need to have placeholder icons that would pass the Apple review and the quality wouldn't matter as much.

Can we talk off list?

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Hi, can We talk off list? I don't talk about my work to much because I don't want people to take my ideas.