I need help with Oubliette

Hi. I just saw a recomendation of a game called Oubliette. I got it but would need some general tips and tricks. I cannot get the fighting. Is it turn based?


#1 Fighting

You gotta tap on the fighting brands and choose repeat. Usually one of them is one at the top of the screen, the first character, and the one afterthat, the second characte.
Your priests can cast magic spells, tap on them and tap cast priest spell. Choose the spell.
Same with mages.
Only two people can fight on your team, the others defend or cast spells, like priests and mages.

#2 Making a podcast

I'm working on a podcast for this.

#3 Yay

Yay I have finally gotten the hang of fighting. Now my players have to rest and I have chosen the inn but cannot see a way to accept. A podcast would be really great. I love this game.

#4 I have a question.

Is it a single player or multiplayer game? I hope it is not some of those multiplayer games where players can attack you at will and take your hard earned items. I hate been constantly attacked.

#5 no

No this is a single player game. I am going to buy the full version once I get my gift card.

#6 Thanks.

I will go and check the game out.

#7 Finally

I bought the full version today but haven't yet made it to the second level. I guess I am aweful at exploring. How do I see coordinates? How does the map work?

#8 Podcast

I too would love a podcast!

#9 Some of the scrolls

Hi Sabrina,
I believe they are scrolls to guide you toward the next level.
I know there is a Cartographer Scroll to guide you back home, but I'm not sure there are scrolls that guide you to levels. Still, it's possible there is.

#10 maybe

I doubt there are scrolls for guidance to the next level. Also, both my fighting players are paralyzed and I have no single clue what to do. Lol. I discovered that. Not sure if it is possible to lift paralyzation. Also there is a gem of finding that also leads somewhere. I am trying to work out reording my party so my priest won't need to do the fighting. I need him to cast spells.

#11 Definitely gonna try this Out.

This weekend I'm going to definitely pick up this app. Just a quick question, what would you say the differences are between this and Silversword? That is the game that always comes to mind when thinking of accessible RPG's with a party of multiple heroes. Thanks.

#12 Silversword

I didn't know about Silver Sword. I should get that. This means that S cannot help until I get my gift card.

#13 Thanks

Thank you."l

#14 Level

As of this posting, has anybody made in to Level Two yet? I haven't gotten the app yet, and I can't until someone makes it there, and possibly higher.