iCloud drive on Windows10

Hello all,
When I copy a file to my iCloud drive folder on my Windows10 PC, how do I get it to sync up so I can use it on my phone? I don't really see a way to do this. Also is there a way to look at settings for iCloud drive on my Windows10 PC?

Greg Wocher


#1 You should be able to

You should be able to have your folder in the iCloud drive app on your iPhone and your windows 10 PC. Make sure that when you go to your iCloud drive settings, turn on "show on home screen." Any folders or files that you store on your windows 10 PC should automatically show up on the iCloud drive app.

#2 Not working

I have iCloud showing on my homescreen. For some reason iCloud drive on my PC is not syncing up to the cloud. I put a file in the iCloud drive folder and it won't sync up with my phone for some reason.

Greg WOcher

#3 Not surprised

My experience is that, generally speaking, ICloud drive is unidirectional, namely, from the IOS device to your Windows PC. Microsoft OneDrive or DropBox are much better in allowing access to files originally created on Windows. However, even if your IPhone gets access to say, an mp3 on OneDrive, you'll never be able to grab that file and put it into your IPhone. Even Contacts shared with Windows via the Windows ICloud desktop application seem to go from the IPhone to Windows, but never neatly into your IPhone. Sure, Outlook email addresses will appear in your IPhone, but I always expect field matching. My research on the web and my personal experience is that Apple strenuously guards the internal data structures of its devices to prevent corruption and breaches of security. In one way, this is good and admirable. In another way, for those of us in the Windows world who are used to having more configuration control, it's frustrating. Hth. Smile

#4 Thats what I was affraid of

I was afraid I would not be able to use iCloud drive to go from Windows to my iPhone. I was wanting to use it because of its low price for the 50 gig plan. I don't want to use DropBox because it only has either the free tier or the $9.99 a month for 1tb plan. I would use google drive but it does not work with the VoiceDream products. If it did this is definently the one I would use because I have almost 20 gigs of free storage on google drive.

Greg Wocher

#5 You could use Itunes File Sharing

Hi. Here's a link to a post I made on this site recently about using File Sharing in Itunes to transfer data between Windows and our IPhones, http://www.applevis.com/forum/general-chat/problems-filesharing. Also, there's quite a bit of info on this site about this issue, and so it's worth searching a bit. Hth

#6 iCloud Drive should work


iCloud Drive should work. If i put a file into the drive folder on my Mac, it shows up in the iCloud Drive app on my phone. I can then import it intoany compatible app that supports that file type. While it's not a full file manager, it's just that bit closer with this app. Try restarting the iCloud service in Windows. It could also be that the file hasn't uploaded yet. Don't instantly assume that the file you're transfering will show up unless it's a text file. Speaking of uploads, is it possible to check the status of uploading files? I haven't found a way to check. I've just had to wait.