I'm a New iPad User and Have Some Introductory Questions

Hello Forum readers,
A few days ago I purchased an iPad Air 1 after doing some online research. I am going through a tutorial called "Voice-Overeasy" but am having problems doing the flick gesture. My wife is sighted and low on patience with voiceover and the associated gestures and such. I do not have an iPhone but only this iPad which was purchased to aid my career as a freelance writer. What can I do or utilize that will help me learn the basics competently?
I do not have vision so am solely dependent on voiceover.
Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


VoiceOver Practice Mode

It may be useful trying the VoiceOver practice mode. To activate this, tap four fingers on the screen twice, like the double-tap with one finger, but with four instead. With this mode active, you could take a look at the list of gestures for VoiceOver, and try them out; VoiceOver will provide audio feedback on the gesture it thinks you've performed, to show you if you're performing it correctly or not. The link to the list of vO gestures can be found here:


Voiceover help

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Perform a four finger double tap to get to Voiceover help. From here, you can experiment with the gestures without actually effecting anything. When you're done, perform a four finger double tap or press escape on your keyboard, if you have one. Alternatively, you can access this mode through settings, by going to settings>general>accessibility>Voiceover>Voiceover practice.


iPad Air Help

Hi Kelsey and others,
Thanks for the recommendation to try VoiceOver help, will do.
David R

Voiceover Help

Yes use Voiceover help that'll get you through all of the voiceover gestures.

Voice Over Tutorial


To help new folks with VO, I use Voice Over tutorial from the app store. It a fun way to learn and its free.

HTH and good luck.