images and voice over, could use some help.

Hi all. This has to do with Mail, but i'm curious anyway. I was on a website where you put points in for a physical object, in this case, I earned enough for 25$ in itunes credit. I get the confirmation mail that asks me to verify the order. Except this is an image. if I Voice over shift M, it gives me a menu of open link, open link behind mail, which I've never gotten to work, and copy link. If i paste this link into Safari, I get to the site, but there wasn't anything to click to say yes, please give me that. I suspect that may be on their end. However, I contact them only to be met with a lovely frustrating captcha. I know the site where you buy credits, but I forgot what it's called, so i'm up a creek here. If someone would or could, help I'd greatly appreciate it. the site, if anyone has had experience is Thanks very much, Siobhan


Re: Images and VoiceOver?

Hi Siobhan,
I have experience using I've also encountered lovely, inaccessible captchas. From contacting their customer support to their search and win feature to the Swagbucks TV feature. I use They use captchas also, but they have audio. Contacting them is easy and accessible. I've just joined, so I haven't redeemed any rewards yet. Hope this helps.