The Inquisitor: Episode 4 "The Demon" - Coming Soon

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Hi everyone,

My name is Pier Francesco from Audiogames Italian Association.
After three years of production, we are very happy to announce that the last chapter of the Inquisitor audiogames, titled “THE DEMON”, will be soon available for PC and MAC!
We hope the best one we ever produced, for sure the bigger audiogame ever made by us!


#1 free games

to celebrate the demon out soon (do we know when)? the first three chapters are freefor mac. I got this email from them

Dear brothers and sisters!
It seem like the Evil were conspiring against our inquisitor!
So we have added a shortlink for any chapter of the three free audiogames (“THE PLAGUE”, THE VILLAGE”, “SISTERS IN THE DREAM”). Now it will be easier to download the episodes for free!
And remember! “THE DEMON”, will be soon available for PC and MAC!

Just click on the following shortlinks to get all the Inquisitor’s audiogames for free!







Then, prepare to face THE DEMON!



the Inquisitor Brotherhood

#2 gameplay

how will gameplay differ in chapter 4, than for the other versions released? i know we h%to walk around more so i assume gameplay is a lot smoother? so not waiting for voices to stop speaking etc. and cycling through items?

#3 gameplay

hi, will we still have wait for the voices to read us all items as in previous games? is the gameplay i assume as a different style, so different as to the other versions, as have to walk around etc? i also assume, that you are not told what to do as such as in the other games, but more exploration is involved?

#4 Are the Free Games Legit?

I too got this email and wasn't really sure if this was legit.

Has anyone tried them?

I'd be curious to know, because if so, then I'll download them so I can have a copy of the games.

#5 Will there be a version of Inquisitor: Demon for iOS as well?

I really hope so because I loved the other three chapters in this series. I can't wait to see how everything ends for Nicholas. I'm definitely looking forward to the final chapter in his saga!

#6 is there a walkthrough?

Is there a walkthrough for the first 3 games by chance?

#7 good news

wow! this is a good news for all of us who like great games.
does it also released in the IOS platform as well?
I like this game title anyway...

#8 free audiogames and Inquisitor chapter 4

App Developer


yes, the shortlinks with the free audiogames are distribuited directly by us. So they are completely legit.
We are giving away them to celebrating the fourth chapter!

"The Demon" will have new voice actors and will be a full fledged RPG experience, with open exploration and combat.
We have tried to make the dialogues more fast but we wanted to maintain the right atmosphere for the world of the Inquisitor.

At the moment we aren't planning a mobile version.

We have invested a lot to bring you a bigger game and we hope that you all will like our new audiogame.



the Inquisitor Brotherhood

#9 when is the time

hey! when is the release day for chapter 4
I can't wait to play it!

#10 The Demon

App Developer


Thank you for your support.

We will announce it very soon!

#11 great!

I like this game title. it is a very great one!

#12 Endless mode?

Please after the story, please add an endless mode. Do you think you will add an endless mode so that I can play and kill things over and over and level up?

#13 Hello! But are download

Hello! But are download links to download each episode only for Mac or even for Windows? I have only seen one link for each one, except for the first one that there is also the link for Windows ...

#14 gameplay

can we hear gameplay?

#15 Fun games.

The inquisitor games one through three have been great fun for the Mac. I also like Blind Gladiator, Space Encounter and She Noire. I can't wait to see what you guys are bringing to the table with The Demon.

#16 Endless Mode, gameplay and Mac

App Developer

Hi Brothers,

The inquisitor is restless. So we have created an Endless Mode to make the game virtually infinite!
The gameplay presentation is available for now only in Italian:
We are working to create an English gameplay trailer.
The links for the second and third chapter can be used for both Mac and Windows.

Prepare to face THE DEMON!



#17 the music of this game series

hi! all,
I love the music of this game series.does it have a way to get it?

#18 from what i understood from hearing this ...

I just heard the italian gameplay. Whilst I don't understand the language, the gameplay having check the radar step, by step, by step, seems unplayable. has this been mproved in the english release? ,