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Hi all,
Considering that the game isn't out for iOS, I figured i'd make the topic under Mac app discussion.
Has anyone got it yet? I'm on World 4 and the game... isn't bad. I do hope the game will be on the Mac app store and iOS soon though. Let me clarify that the game is not a Roguelike, at least the main game. The Endless mode is more like a Roguelike.


Inquisitors heartbeat

Hi! I have this on the mac, and I like it. I'm on world 3, I think. There's a door I need to open before I can go up some stairs. I am almost sure I've found keys, but have no idea how I'm supposed to pick them up, and once I do pick them up, I don't know how to unlock the door; it seems that only the arrows and the space bar are valid keyboard commands, so if someone could please explain what I'm missing, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, I saw that there is an update available, but I have no idea how to get it. When I clicked on the link provided in the update thread, it requested my email address. I provided that information, but then, nothing happened. On the whole, though, I think it's a great game, and I'll definitely be checking out the IOS version if/when that becomes available.

iOS Version Availability

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Hi all.
I just completed the first chapter of The Inquisitor game in my iOS device. Is the secon chapter available for iOS? How can I get it?
I searched for it in the AppStore, but there are no results. Please help.


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My understanding is that The Inquisitor, Part 2, which is not related to The Inquisitor's Heartbeat at all, is only available on Mac and PC at the moment. I imagine it will be out on iOS either later this month or next.

Re: The Inquisitor (The Village)

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According to audio, the official release date of the iOS version of the second chapter (The Village) will be available for purchase in the Appstore on July 7. They have confirmed the release date last Monday. I am subscribed in their newsletter and received several emails about their latest products and upcoming audio games. Please correct me if I'm wrong, the iOS version game size is 300 MB. More information can be found here:

Stock In World6; Map3. Please Help

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Hi all.
I am playing Inquisitor's Heartbeat for iOS and so confused. I'm stock in world 6; Map3. I explored all areas, but nothing seems to happen. How can I complete this level? Please help.

World 3, Map 3

I got the game yesterday. Apparently my memory isn't that great, but anyway... I am enjoying myself so far. I thought I was stuck a few times, but a break or two made me realize what I needed to do. With my laptop at least, I don't even have to pick things up. They are automatically picked up, and doors are unlocked. That was something I did not expect. Now, however, I am totally stuck in World 3, map 3. I found a brass key. I opened the door using it, but I have not been able to find the metal key... I feel like I'm missing something here but can't figure out what even after breaking for a bit. Any help will be appreciated.

A hint

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Some keys open more than one door, and some doors require different keys. I know it's cryptic, but give that a try and see what happens. :)

Me Too

I'm stuck there too in World 6: Map 3. Have you found where the exit is yet?

Inquisitors heartbeat. Help!!!

Hey guys. I noticed some of you awesome people have made it to world 6 of inquisitors heartbeat however I have one question, did anyone get Past the first map of world 5?
If you could let me know, that would be great.
Thanks Nlambert

World 8 map 1?

I made it all the way to world eight without even a hint from anybody.. I'm proud that I did, but now I do really need help. I can't even figure out how to navigate this level.. Even the controls are confusing, and some guy keeps catching me. Can anybody explane this world to me? how do I navigate this place?