Installing 10.9.3


I have a mac book air from late 2013 ... this has montain lion installed.
I have been pretty happy with this os but, because of xcode 6 and swift language, I need to install 10.9.3.
Now I need to know:
- How to do a clean install (the app store distribution seens to update it directly and I need a package to install it outside iof the OS)
- Can I install it from a network (My mac does not have a dvd drive)?
- Can I revert to Montain Lion (windows computers generally do have a recovery partition from where you can install the original OS without any media).



A Couple Points

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First, OS10.9 does not include Xcode 6, only 10.10 betas do. Additionally, as I understand it, even public beta testers of 10.10 will not get Xcode 6, only registered developers.

If you want to go to Mavericks anyway, why not just do it from the App Store? You download the app, which then launches itself and performs the installation. If you really want a copy on a thumb drive, there is a simple terminal command to make a thumb drive into a bootable copy of Mavericks you can use to troubleshoot or install on other Macs. I don't remember it offhand, but Google will know it. Keep in mind you'll need a thumb drive 8gb in size or larger, and that this is not the same as actually being able to boot into a fully functional OS X environment. Doing that is also possible, but requires different steps. Either way, the process is fully accessible, but you will need a copy of the Mavericks installer from the App Store.

If you plan to upgrade your Mac and then make a bootable drive, you should copy the installer once it finishes downloading, as the installation process removes the installer and you'd need to download it again.

I have never done a clean

I have never done a clean install this way, but I found several instructions on google how to do it. Still, if there is no particular reason you need to do a clean install, it would be way less painful and smoother experience to update your osX from the app store. Mashable seems to give a quite simple and straightforward guide here Good luck!

What about the recovery

What about the recovery partition ... can I revert to mountain Lion from my own mac whenever I want?

No, you cannot. You need to

No, you cannot. You need to keep the installers and I would not recommend it as the recovery partition skim has changed to do a clean install just use diskmakerx from mac update. it puts the bootable partition on a flash disk and works very well.

I always always do a clean install after upgrading and it seems to make my system run a lot faster. Especially after a permissions repair.

Ok ... I need some more

Ok ... I need some more instructions. So ...

How to make sure I can rollback to mountain Lion ? I have not the installer, the machine came with the system already installed and I had no DVD or similar stuff in the box.

How to make a clean install?
Going to app store will do a over the air installation. I need to avoid this and instead make a download of the installer.


All you need to do is choose

All you need to do is choose the app file when using diskmakerx and it will do the rest. I save evry installer on an external drive and zip them just to be sure. and you will not be able to role back to ml. I woudl not anyway as mavericks has secutiry fixes and stuff plus it's just over all better and more stable.

App Store is not OTA

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The App Store download is the installer, which then runs locally. There is no other way to obtain Mavericks, you must download it from somewhere. As I said in my first comment, you can then use that installer to create a bootable drive, which you can use to perform a clean install if you really want to (often a clean install is not necessary).

As to 10.8, search for it in the App Store and see if it will appear. If it does, you can download it just like you can Mavericks. If not, I'd suggest using google to find out how to make a bootable drive from your current 10.8 system. I've never done this so cannot say exactly how it is don.

Hello mehgcap,

Hello mehgcap,

Got it now.

The reazon why I would rollback is that Brazilian Portuguese voices are pretty bad on new IOS versions. If they are that bad on Maverix I will have to rollback because I do use the computer a lot and having bad voices is not cool when you deppend on them to do every day tasks in the machine.
Doing a clear install was recomended by folks here on Applevis to make things run faster and without bugs. If it's worth or not I don't know but my windows experiences recomend me to always do a clean install whatever the situation currently is so I am checking this also.
I will see if I can get 10.8 installer.

Now comes another question:
Is it possible to dual boot in mac os? If so I can create a partition to 10.9 and still have 10.8 up when I need it!!


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Yes, simply make a new partition, then, during the installation process, select that partition as the target instead of your default partition. There should be a guide right on this site about making partitions for installing OS X; it is for beta testing, but the process is exactly the same whether or not what you install is a beta.



Xcode 6 beta can be installed on maverix. It is not under the NDA so it would be great if some of you folks already with 10.9.3 and a dev account would install and test and report * I am currently waiting to install 10.9.3 but wouldn't do it if xcode 6 is not usable in its current version. Also one can install the beta as a different instalation than xcode 5 so one does not loose the working version because of the beta version.