installing a program with a dmg file

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install a third party application on my 11 inch mac book air. I downloaded the dmg file and copied it to my applications folder. However, when I try to eject the dmg file from my system voiceover is not saying eject. Instead, I'm hearing that honking sound the mac makes when something is not done properly. Did I miss a step in this process? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



hi. what you need to do, is not copy the dmg file into the apps folder, but open the dmg from downloads or where ever, and then copy the .app file out of it, and put that in the apps folder.

got it

Okay, I got it now. Thanks for your help.

Opening a dmg file

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Hi. I have the same issue. I got the dmg file for QCast in my downloads folder I opened it I went to the QCast. app and tried to move it over to my app directory it came up with bad copy or something.

Is there a guide or podcast on how to open these things properly?


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