Introducing AppA11y, a new app developing company with a focus on accessibility ... and we want your game ideas

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We have started a company called AppA11y and our primary focus is accessibility. We are close to releasing a word search game, but are looking for game ideas for future releases. If you have any ideas for accessibility turn based games please let us know.

Lee Hobbs


Toonhead, You don't even know

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Toonhead, You don't even know what we are offering yet, but you have already suggested we change the company name because it is terrible, and the games we are creating are bad.

It seems like you may have all the knowledge, and as you probably know, developing online multiplayer games is super easy and takes no time or money at all. I suggest you get a free developers license and start creating the games suggested in this list. A multiplayer RPG or Fight game seems like an easy start.

Thank god I didn't get your input when I created the last game... which you still play every day, and have for years.

We have big plans for multiple games, so let's turn that frown upside down and join us in testing!

Oh boy...

Oh boy. Here we go. I'm not gonna say anything other than that that last comment sounded incredibly patronizing. And in my experience, that doesn't make a company look good, regardless of what services they offer.

take it easy

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Was not patronizing at all. I have known Toonhead for a while... reaching out to him offline.


There is no football game that is accessible so if you want to make one will be great and use by many of us.


Ok it's getting a little intense in here, but i haven't been here in a while and wanted to voice my point o< view. I don't love so many word games either. There are just so many of them, the category is drying um and getting dull. But if you're willing to create accessible games in the future, then why shouldn't we be supportive of that? You may not love every game a developer creates, but if testing it means it may help for future games i'm willing to give it a try.

puzzle games

If you are starting out with puzzle games, a Mastermind game would be cool.

Accessible Mastermind Game

There is an accessible Mastermind game. I've not played it yet! I think it's good to have more puzzle games including other Mastermind games etc. Have a good day!


accessible mastermind

I bought that game, but it's not very accessible for me. It is extremely laggy and can't change the colors

Almost ready...

App Developer

Hi everyone! Apologies for the radio silence lately. We have been hammering away getting ready for the U.S. release. Hopefully very soon.

We are very excited to release, and have some great plans going forward, this first release is the tip of the iceberg.

This first game is a word search. I know a word search does not see too exciting, but there are some other cool features in the game as well. Also, we figured if we can pull of making a word search accessible, then everything else going forward will be much easier. We have learned a lot making this game.

Word War is currently available in a few small countries so we can work out the bugs. It will be worldwide soon. Please let me know if you would like to become a TestFlight beta tester, and I will add you immediately and you can start giving feedback. Just reply here with your email address.

Thank You!

Here's My Take

Ok, Ok, Ok. Being someone who has been a PlayStation Loyalist since I first touched a PS1 controller & as someone who has been gaming since 5 yrs-old,I think the bgc(blind gaming community) should be able to have games that are accessible. Think of games like FF7, YuGiOh!: Duelists of the Roses & Breath of Fire--these are all text heavy games that could be modded for us. I'd like to also see shooting & fighting games put on the market.
I honestly believe that we hold the power in making app developers and The Big 3(Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft) and their developers, both big and small, work with us to make games that accessible. True, they will look at it from a pure business standpoint of the bgc as a very small market, but I fully believe that there is untapped potential in this area.

The game is really cool.

I am beta testing this game and, so far, I like it and, the best of all, it seems to be working just fantastic.

games I'd like to see

Hello ApA11y
I like that there is a group trying to make a difference and give blind gamers some better options. I'm not overly interested in word games and although I think a flight sim is definitely a step in the right direction, as there are a few for the PC for the blind that I know do quite well but could always use a few mor, I'm not overly interested in those either. Here are a few things I think could go well.

1. A game like what I thinkt "Township" is like, with a semi-casual, but not trivial city-building game where one builds stuff up but that is not overly focused on PvP. I love the aspect of doing things like building and expanding in some games I like like Lords and Knights, but I absolutely loathe PvP in almost any game other than doing something like competing for high scores without having to stomp on other players. I want a game about building but not about PvP. Also if that game could have continuous updates and periodic events, much as the old Zynga game Cityville did or Township seems to now, that'd be great and would keep the game from going stale.
2. a sort of double-whammy inspired by DC Legends. This game I simply had to backseat game for because it is also inaccessible (though it could have easily been made so so I had a friend play and I directed combat and she did the button pushing. In that game, players collect and upgrade famous DC comics superheroes and battle enemies in teems of four, both competitively with one another in a PvP I actually like as it has no huge downsides for dying and if you absolutely didn't want to, you could leave it alone. Using this as a jumping off point, you could either make a non-IF superhero game (on my ipad even what used to work in herozero no longer works) or you could make a game where players collect and upgrade memorable characters to use in teams in some sort of competition. I know you couldn't get something like Marvel or DC superheroes or stuff like that, so you'd probably have to come up with the characters yourself, but that could be a plus in making something unique too. I'd happily play such a game in a fantasy, modern, or horror setting as well.

3. I'll come right out and say it. I think Godville is a wonderful thing and idle games are becoming more popular nowadays, both among the sighted and blind, and I personally have many sighted friends who are godville enthusiasts too, but in the wake of advancements in tech, Godville is being left behind as asomething special and it's actually pretty far back now. This was driven home to me by the game "endless Frontier. This game is not accessible but I was able to get the jist from a sighted friend." Which is a graphics and sound-heavy game that is basically Godville made somewhat more serious and getting a dose of meth and sterroids at the same time. Godville is good and all but I'd like to see what we have in interesting idle games get a shot in the arm because we're not at our threshold right now and so much more could be done on this front. I have recently started crafting Kingdom again but it's grindy and quickly goes from interesting to frustrating so I really don't think it adds much in this area that you guys couldn't beat.
and if you kept the games updating, you could continue to keep them fun.

Also, this is my first post on the site and I'm glad to meet all of you.

Aug 23rd Release

App Developer

Hi All, the worldwide release of Word War will be Wednesday August 23rd. Please let us know any bugs or issues you run into. This is version 1, so I expect there will be issues. But rest assured that we will do everything possible to get things fixed as soon as things are reported.

Also, we are already working on adding the next game to the app. We are excited to build a suite of games that everyone can play together!

Email us at with any questions or issues. Thanks!

Games i’d like to see

Some games I would like to see are pet games, cooking games, building games, and more puzzle games.